Meta Pool Monthly Recap — April 2024

Meta Pool Monthly Recap — April 2024

I’m Francisco from the Meta Pool team, and I’m thrilled to share a recap of our biggest highlights and achievements in April — Let’s dive into all the exciting news and updates!

The Enterprise Node Operators Program During April

Meta Pool has been focusing on them since day one to support them with the benefits of liquid staking and a governance delegation system, helping small operators enter the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.

That being said, we have announced the Enterprise Node Operators Program in collaboration with the NEAR Foundation to onboard top-tier institutions and companies into the NEAR Ecosystem, fostering education and evolution within the ecosystem.

During April, Colossus has boosted the NEAR ecosystem by contributing over 150,000 $NEAR — Weekly ENO, Colossus.

Pier Two has boosted the NEAR ecosystem by contributing over 160,000 $NEARWeekly ENO, Pier Two.

AlumbLabs has created tutorials about how to secure your validator and launch a validator using Docker — Github Documentation.

We recently hosted a Twitter Space with Hispanic Validators contributing to the Enterprise Node Operators Program alongside Nacion Crypto, Sensei Node, and Alpha Growth.
Listen to the recording:

Stakecito Validator shared a comprehensive guide about NEAR.
Check it out:

Ambassador Program: Build the future of DeFi and Web3

Become a Meta Pool Ambassador: Spread DeFi & Earn Rewards. Join our vibrant Meta Pool Ambassador Program. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a key player in the future of DeFi.

Let’s build the future together — Apply now:

Q2 Milestones — Delivering a Multi-Chain Governance

We are definitely approaching a significant milestone for the Meta Pool liquid staking protocol, we are now ready to deliver on what we have committed to our community and the NEAR Protocol ecosystem — a protocol by the community for the community. It has been a great journey so far and the support from everyone has been very gratifying.

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SSV Network & Meta Pool: Improving the Ethereum decentralization

Over the past year, Meta Pool has fully implemented Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) on our liquid staking platform using SSV Network. This technology has significantly contributed to decentralizing Ethereum’s validator network by allowing the splitting and distribution of validator keys into multiple KeyShares.

This approach has expanded the reach of ETH distribution to numerous validator nodes, enhancing network resilience and diversity.

Read more: SSV Network x Meta Pool


Vote to earn rewards
During March, the protocol collected stNEAR 7,332 in fees. These fees are divided equally: 50% is allocated to the funds for the mpDAO Grants program and the other 50% is distributed among active voters who participated in voting for proposals in mpDAO Grants or voting for validators.

Protocol fees distributed for active voters in April was a total of 3,666 stNEAR tokens.

If you haven’t claimed your rewards yet, go to to claim them.

Note: The amount you received depends on the locked amount and lock days and if you participated in the mpDAO governance.

This month has been incredible. I would like to invite you to read the complete blog post for all the details

:newspaper: Meta Pool Monthly Recap — April 2024