Meta Pool Monthly Recap — March 2024

Meta Pool Monthly Recap — March 2024

Hello, NEAR Community!

This is Francisco from the Meta Pool team, in this I am excited to recap the major highlights and achievements of March — dive into all the news and updates!

The Enterprise Node Operators Program is running

Meta Pool has been focusing on them since day one to support them with the benefits of liquid staking and a governance delegation system, helping small operators enter the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.

That being said, we have announced the Enterprise Node Operators Program in collaboration with the NEAR Foundation to onboard top-tier institutions and companies into the NEAR Ecosystem, fostering education and evolution within the ecosystem.

Frens validator and Northstake hosted NEAR events in March.

Stakecito Validator joined the Enterprise Node Operators Program. They will contribute to the ecosystem and nurture the growth of the NEAR Ecosystem.

Tokenomics Reset

After Meta Pool Improvement Proposal 3 approval, which indicates the re-launch of our governance token, this marks a significant step towards our vision of multichain governance, empowering users to take control of their assets and actively participate in shaping the future of the protocol.

We have already completed several stages and we are now entering the token migration phase. This is a significant milestone as it marks the end of the $META token and the beginning of the $mpDAO token.

An exciting year awaits all those involved in Meta Pool’s Governance. Get to know the date and details for the migration phase.


Vote to earn rewards
During February, the protocol collected stNEAR 5,326 in fees. These fees are divided equally: 50% is allocated to the funds for the mpDAO Grants program and the other 50% is distributed among active voters who voted for proposals in mpDAO Grants or voting for validators.

Protocol fees distributed for active voters in January was a total of 2,663 stNEAR tokens.

If you haven’t claimed your rewards yet, go to to claim them.

Note: The amount you received depends on the locked amount and lock days and if you participated in the mpDAO governance.

Happy ATH, over $130,000,000 in TVL

Meta Pool just surpassed a TVL of $ 130 million!

A HUGE thank you to our incredible community for your unwavering support!

We are not slowing down — stay tuned for even more exciting developments and Be part of the multichain staking DAO.

This month has been incredible. I would like to invite you to read the complete blog post for all the details

:newspaper: Meta Pool Monthly Recap — March 2024


Excellent: It is a narrative that summarizes the collaborative work of Meta Pool as a DAO that fulfills its commitment to contribute to decentralization and an example of this is the ENO and its Governance that allows the community to “vote to earn rewards”


It’s rewarding to reflect on March’s achievements, with the launch of the Enterprise Node Operators Program and the transition to the $mpDAO token we are witnessing a game-changer. These initiatives underscore our commitment to enhancing the NEAR ecosystem and governance. Surpassing $130 million in TVL reflects this. LFG! :fire: :fire: :fire:


Nice recap, we can move to the next steps, and be the best Multichain Liquid Staking, and Multicahin Governance DAO

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Having been part of Meta Pool for five months fills me with pride, witnessing its rapid growth and confirming that this project is genuinely committed to supporting its community. Great summary, Francisco​:clap::clap::clap:. We’ll soon introduce the new face of the Meta Pool Governance token .

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