Meta Pool in the African region during July, 2023

We are glad to report the activities of Meta Pool in the African Region for the month of July

  1. A medium blog post was created announcing the new developments Meta Pool has made by introducing liquid staking on Ethereum. In the post we discussed how Meta Pool, a liquid-staking platform and a builder on the NEAR Protocol and Aurora blockchains, is expanding to the Ethereum network through the SSV Network. Starting from September, Meta Pool will be using the SSV Network, which is a decentralized, open-source, and trustless DVT Network for decentralizing Ethereum validators. This move is crucial in Meta Pool’s goal of building a decentralized and secure multichain future. SSV Network’s Secret Shared Validators technology has implications for the decentralization, scalability, and governance of Ethereum.

  2. We had an AMA twitter Space collaboration with Myriad.Social. We had in attendance Pandu AKA Decentricity, founder of Myriad and Danny “Purple”, CEO of Myriad who acted as hosts of the event. We also had Alan Estrada, full-stack dev at Metapool. Myriad.Social is a social media network system built on NEAR and Octopus networks whose goals are to bring about free speech and censorship resistance using web3. Both Meta pool and Myriad asked each other questions and talked about their different projects. Alan talked about liquid staking on NEAR, Aurora and Ethereum and also the new Meta Pool Dao. While Pandu and Danny talked about using their social media platform built on web3 for different use cases including the promotion of free speech and censorship-resistance. This Twitter Space AMA was special because it was streamed simultaneously on Zoom, Twitch, and the Myriad.Social platform. 10,000 $Myria was given to the top best 5 questions asked.

  3. The African region also participated in the creation and promotion of an educational and brand awareness initiative as part of the new governance system at the Meta Pool DAO. The initiative is a one-day seminar educating attendees on crypto/web3/Defi and on Meta Pool and the voting governance system. While the initiative did not get the sufficient amount of funds it had requested in the second round of voting, we will be participating in the third round of voting.

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