Meta Pool - liquid staking solution on mainnet - August 23rd

Hello NEARians! It is with great pleasure to announce today that Meta Pool, the first liquid staking solution on NEAR will be going live on mainnet on August 23rd.

@luciotato @cloudmex-alan @FritzWorm and myself have been working hard this couple of months to deliver this solution that will be an important lego brick for the NEAR DeFi ecosystem.

We appreciate all the help from the NEAR community, the 4NTS Guild, NEAR Hispano, Open Shard Alliance, Proximity Labs and all of the folks in the Narwallets discord server that have been giving us feedback since the launch of the platform on testnet.

The NEAR Hispano Guild will be hosting an AMA with the Meta Pool team on 2021-08-05T15:00:00Z so anyone can provide feedback and ask questions. Please RSVP here.

Here is an interview of @luciotato on the NEAR Youtube channel: NEAR Native Crypto Wallet & Meta-Pool DAO - YouTube

We are doing a Community Launch and will provide more information during the AMA, so please do not miss it!


Congratulations on the launch!

I am extremely excited about Metapool, a product I have personally been wanting to use for a long time and that I am confident it will 3x the size of the Near ecosystem, paving the way for a much more secure, decentralised network and the birth of Defi (Collateralised lending) on Near.


Congratulations on the launch!


First of all I want to appreciate the good work so far… i await for the best.

When using the testnet I was so so happy to notice that everything, I mean both the swaps and deposit/Withdrawal works so fast, smooth and fine. I will definitely put my money here.


So excited to see Meta Pool coming to mainnet very soon with all the support from NEAR community!

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This is the video from the NEAR Hispano - AMA with Meta Pool founders :point_down:


congrats u guys! hope that u guys would success to bootstrap our ecosystem!