Meta Pool on [Nigeria ] during September , 2023

With pleasure, I present to you my report of my task for the month of September 2023:

From mandatory tasks : I wrote an educative articles that highlights the recent development in Meta Pool, in regards to it governance, voting, funding raising partnerships, and it Liquid Staked Tokens.

I wrote a threads, detailing the integration of MPIP on DAO governance frame work of Meta Pool and it first voted initiative proposal.

I wrote an educative article on Ethereum BOS in regards to MetaPool’s liquid staking solution component and details of mpETH .

I wrote an article on the strategic partnerships of Meta Pool and ssvnetwork, in it I highlighted the operating mechanism of Secret Shared Validators.

With community AMA, I discuss in detail the huge impact liquid staking has had in the crypto space, and how MetaPool provide liquid staking solution in it unique way to my community “Envanik” .

In length, I enlightened the attendees of build in bear market space on x , on the opportunity the bear market has in liquid Staking, and how to capitalize on it with MetaPool fast and delayed Unstake method.

A special thanks to Meta Pool team for the support and guidance.


Great job @E_reece !

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