Meta Pool on [Nigeria ] during August , 2023

It’s my pleasure to present my first report on my task for the month of August 2023:

From mandatory task : I wrote an educative articles that Highlighted the intrinsic value of MetaPool in term of “Liquid Staking Derivatives or Tokens”

I wrote a threads, detailing the DAO governance frame work of Meta Pool and the benefits of being a member.

I wrote an educative article on Ethereum BOS and the futuristic compatibility of EVM networks on near protocol

I wrote an article on aurora, and it multiple streams via which holders can benefit from.

With a community AMA, I Brought an integral part of METAPOOL “liquid staking” to my community “Envanik” .

In this AMA we discussed in extention, the term “LST /LSD tokens” (stNEAR, stAUR, mpETH.)

Also, we discuss on futuristic possible partnership of envanik with MetaPool, that will contribute to more usage of LSD tokens, in area of farming, LP providing , and possibly leading.

Thanks to Meta Pool team for having me and giving me proper guidance when need.


Welcome @E_reece to the team of Meta Pool!