[May] BLAH: Project manager

Hey Sandboxers,

We are happy to continue collaboration with BLAH Project!

Brief Description of Project

BLAH is an artisan NFT project sharing the vision of design, cities, and places in the future by artists from all over the world. Art sold on BLAH is intended to instill in artists, collectors, and the community they hope of living in a utopian future, thus bringing life and hope to the lives of everyone who sees these art pieces.

Brief Description of Project Opportunity

The Project Management role includes responsibilities in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects. A candidate must deliver a project on time, and collaborate with the BLAH team. We are looking for a motivated and passionate NFT art person.
20 hours/weekly


  1. Activity and resource planning
  2. Organizing and motivating a project team
  3. Controlling time management
  4. Cost estimating and developing the budget
  5. Ensuring customer satisfaction
  6. Analyzing and managing project risk
  7. Monitoring progress
  8. Managing reports and necessary documentation

Required Skills

Advanced communication and negotiation skills
Team management
Time management
Risk management
Budget management
Technical writing
Technologically savvy
Reporting skills
Active listening
Research skills
Interpersonal skills
Project management methodologies
Policy knowledge
Conflict management


$400/monthly, can be discussed with successful candidate



Next steps for you!

Are you interested in the project? Find it on our [Projects Dashboard ] and apply for it through there!

We are not taking applications through the forum anymore.

Have a nice day,
Ana, OWS


Is the reward $400 for week or monthly?

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Monthly, but the reward can be discussed with the successful candidate


I’m doubting to join so I tried clicking the dashboard to see some information but then the “more info” button isn’t clickable unlike the other platforms seeking for applicants too. I wonder if it’s still available…

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Hey, yes, it is! It might be some lag, will be fixed soon


Are you trying to apply for this position ?


Yes, I’m planning to!


We’d be honored to have you as an applicant


Aaaw thank you! :heartpulse: Looking forward too!

Open Web Sandbox | NEAR Guild You can apply here

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hello pls id to take on the role as i do not have any occupation at the mo

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Hey Ace,
Thanks for your interest in this position.
We are looking for people who are motivate and inspired by what we are working on in BLAH.
We want to hire, retain and nurture team members who are in it for the long run.

certainly! just so im not misconstrued i have a day job as a project manager but since joining the near ecosystem since late last year i have’nt really found any way to apply myself and participate hands-on and would love to take on the role

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Glad to be on the same page, have you applied here ?