[March] BLAH project: looking for a front end developer: Candidate is found

Hi all,

We begin March with the continuation of our collaboration with the BLAH project

BLAH (Bringing Life
And Hope) is an NFT platform where art is generated, artists sell artwork
depicting utopian cities. Art sold on BLAH is intended to instill in artists,
collectors, and the community the hope of living in a utopian future, thus bringing
life and hope to the lives of everyone who sees these art pieces. Collectors buy
these works from the platform and users can also support artists. We want to
create a vision of unity and bring forth discussion about how cities, societies
inside of them can function more flawlessly in the future.

At the moment the project is looking for a front end developer who will share BLAH’s views and passion.

A candidate must have some background in crypto, and a deep understanding of the NEAR ecosystem.
Job offer part-time work 5-7 hours a week and support RUST developer, as well as support and work with BLAH site.

Reward: 500 USD

Want to participate in an interview? Apply at Project Application Form


I applied and joined the BLAH Discord. I think it is an interesting project and I want to follow what happens :slight_smile:


Thanks for joining our Discord and applying! Looking forward to chatting more

I’m a front end developer and willing to work with you and I’ll be available for an interview at your convenience :blush:

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Applied as an individual but interested in contributing as a team too. :wink:

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@saic Thank you for contributing to the project. The reward 500 USD is approved


@saic Thank you for your work in April, 500 USD is approved

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