[March] Metamon : Looking for Community Moderator-Two Position|| Candidates Found

Dear Sandboxers & NEARians,

We are happy to Collaborate with Metamon to bring out Project opportunities in Community Management.

Metamon is a blockchain-powered battle royale game built on NEAR. Players battle each other to earn rewards (NFTs and FTs) with a vast universe of art, story, and collectibles. We are a growing community of gamers, NFT collectors, and NEAR enthusiasts.

Metamon is seeking for community moderator to manage the Metamon Discord community. The main objective is to create a pleasant and supportive member experience around several time zones. We seek 2-3 collaborators who will report to the Metamon team/co-founders.

1. Community Moderator - 2 Contributor required


  • Managing Discord community on a day-to-day basis
  • Answering member questions/inquiries following Metamon documentation, helping new members
  • Updating FAQs
  • Running giveaways and other events for members
  • Managing playtest/closed alpha onboarding process
  • Send updates/announcements (pre-drafted by Metamon team)


  • Moderator should be able to communicate in English effectively
  • Moderator should be well-versed in Metamon ecosystem, specifically timelines/updates/lore
  • Previous experience moderating NFT/crypto-related communities is preferred
  • Interest in gaming is a plus!
  • Role only requires Discord management, but we may expand it to other platforms in the future (e.g., Telegram)


Whitepaper: Metamon Ecosystem - Metamon Whitepaper

Website: https://www.metamon.app/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/metamonapp

Reward: 450USD

:star: DM me with a brief description of your previous experience to schedule an interview or ask questions :star:


@Monish016 I just sent a Dm

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I’m interested please check DM

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I’m interested. Please check DM.

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I am Interested for this position @Monish016
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Attached my CV

Check your DM Sir :pray:t3:

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I’m interested. Please check DM.