[February] Friendly Sea Creatures Collaboration: Looking for Marketing Specialist and Community Moderator || Candidates Found [CLOSED]

Dear Sandboxers,

we are excited to collaborate with Friendly Sea Creatures in bringing Out two wonderful Opportunities.

Friendly Sea Creatures is the place for climate-friendly NFT collections and sea creatures! :turtle: :octopus: :earth_africa: :ocean: :ocean: Where 25% of profit are donated to climate.

Friendly Sea Creatures is looking for Marketing Specialist & Community Moderator to join their Group.

1. Community moderator

We are looking for a person with a passion for building a future community.

Qualifications :

  • Excellent English verbal and written communication.
  • Experience in Discord and Twitter management
  • Event Organisation
  • Intermediate knowledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem
  • Understanding of NFT ecosystem
  • Experience creating, configuring, and moderating multiple Discord servers
  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab. Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno, Tip. cc, etc.)

Reward: 400 USD

2. Marketing and Promotion Specialist
We are Looking for a candidate that he will be proactive and will be able to share his ideas on Marketing And Promotion.


  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Event and Promotional Planning and Analysis
  • Outreach and collaboration with NFT Projects on Near Ecosystem
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication.
  • Intermediate knowledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem
  • Understanding of NFT ecosystem

Reward: 400 USD

:star: DM me with a brief description of your previous experience to schedule an interview or ask questions :star:


I like to Apply for Moderator Postion sir .

Hello, @Monish016

Name : Shubham Maheshwari
India , Mumbai
Interest - Crypto Enthusiastic
Designation - Community Manager and Asia Ambassdor
Language - English & Hind

I like to Apply for Moderator for Friendly Sea Creatures Project

About My Experience-
Worked with Near Project ( Mintbase NFT Project ) , SheepDex, DeFiner, OpenLevreage, Coinsbit India Exchange and Brokoli Network ( Metaverse Project)

Near Protocol - Mintbase
This is My first Journey as an Ambassador
As an Asian , I am an Community Moderator and Moderator in Social media Platforms - Reddit
Creating memes and videos
Creating buzz about NFTs and Educating People about project through Audio and Visual
Cross Promotion with other Project in Near Ecosystem and also Organizing AMA whenever we need .
Working on Community Channel help people and Solve their Query

As An Asian Community Admin
Working for project As team building and Educate project to the people
Organizing AMA for further Growth of Project
Collaboration and Crosspromotion with Other project to get more user engagement
Twiiter Space and Telegram Voicechat to Entertain and Make Community Active ,
Running Social Media Campagins on Facebook and Collaborating with KOL for futher project Goal and Increasing Project Highlights

Brokoli Network
Here I am an Ambassador and Brokolians for the project
My main Taks to promote the project all over Socila media platform by creating Graphic and Videoโ€™s , Memes and infographic .
Also try to conducting AMA and project Growth talks on twitter space and Telegram Voicechat
Creating Airdrop form , Gleam and Other Sources to getting leads of people
Running Some campaign on Poocoin as Add Campaign for Attention to userโ€™s and investors

:sparkles:Community management
:sparkles: Telegram and Discord Bot Integration ( Mee4 , Dyno, Spam links , Prize Bot, Roles Bot and other Bots )

Photo Editing
Video Editing
Content Creation
Social media

I am a very resourceful person and will be very glad to work with your team. My content creations are truly eye catching and helps drive a lot of traffic.

I can help in growing your community through telegram community management, post adverts for your company. And help in the community growth part of it.

Social Mediaโ€‹
Medium Profile

https://twitter.com/ShubhamKarwa3?t=dA_BT2QaLIkeCYtKjXNqBg&s=09 1

https://www.linkedin.com/in/shubh-maheshwari-70a7b71b8 1

My portfolio ( Including Graphics and Motion Graphics Videos )
Shubham Karwa Portfolio - Google Drive 1

Hoping to hear from your side.
Thank you very much for your time.


Hey there Iโ€™m quite interested and worked with lots of project as Moderator

Here is my CV


Will be glad to come onboard as a community moderator. Have gathered a handful of experience working in that capacity for projects, and have been in the blockchain space for four years now.

Below is my resume

resume_1643112151828.pdf (222.1 KB)

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@kc_sollano & @MhiztaLOEL Thank you for the collaboration, the rewards 400 and 400 USD are approved
Please follow the instructions on discord and use this link to claim the reward on Astro Dao


Acknowledged! Thank you so much :pray:t3:

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Voted casted :white_check_mark: :cowboy_hat_face: :vulcan_salute:


Thanks, chief! And for your guidance in me as well :pray:t3:

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@kc_sollano & @MhiztaLOEL Thank you for the collaboration. The rewards of 400 and 400 USD are approved
Please use this link to claim the reward on Astro Dao. Also Kindly note This is the Last Payment towards FSC. Please Contact Project Owner for More Details