[March] BlueBit Finance: Looking for Community Moderator/Event Organizer

Hey Sandboxers,

We’re happy to collaborate with BlueBit Finance, a decentralized yield aggregator protocol built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM that offers a full set of farming solutions.

The project is looking for a Moderator on Discord and Telegram to help manage communities & organizing events


  • Managing the community events
  • Managing Discord community on a day-to-day basis
  • Answering member questions/inquiries on time
  • Send updates/announcements
  • Help to build a better community


  • Able to communicate in English effectively
  • Experience creating and configuring Telegram/Discord BOTs
  • Experience managing multiple large communities
  • Crypto enthusiast
  • Location: Vietnam

Reward: $400

Interested candidates please fill in the form to apply Project Application Form


I have been in the crypto space since January 2018 and have gathered a lot of experience since then.
I am fluent in English and can communicate effectively.
I have moderated an Indian telegram community for a good time and helped a lot of people with diverse questions related to Crypto.
Time Zone : GMT+5:30 (IST)
I love helping people and keep the community scam & spam free.
I have been telegram and discord user since a long time.
My social profiles are listed here: shashank.btc.us
My question is whether the requirement is to manage both discord as well as telegram or only discord and whether the candidate has to be from Vietnam?


Hello @williamx I’m interested in the community moderator role

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I’m interested in the moderator role

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Hi, thank you all for your interest. Please fill in the form to apply Project Application Form

Hi, you’ll be in charge of both channels, but mostly you’ll work on Discord. You don’t need to be born in Vietnam, if you’re currently working in Vietnam that would be a plus.

I like to Apply for This position

Hei, Thanks @Albhion (shubham007.near) for involving in the project.
The reward of $400 is approved.

Please use this link for your DAO application on OWS Astro DAO

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Awsome, Thanks for Confirmation @williamx


Here’s My Astro DAO link

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Thanks @Albhion (shubham007.near) for involving in the project.

You can claim for $200 (Half month) on our Astro DAO after the average rate is posted on OWS’s Discord Channel on 26th.

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@holuongduc Thank you for collaborating with BlueBit, please claim the reward for half of the month
The guide is here Getting paid - OWS Docs

thank you for notification