[April] Free Horses - NFT Project Moderation role

Hi Neareans and Sandboxers,

It is indeed a pleasure to be helpful in connecting projects and contributors :star_struck:

Just as we did help the Billionaire Bulls Club build their community,

Now we are going to help another project to do so:

This time we are looking for 3 collaborators who will help Billionaire Bulls Club to grow their community on Discord and Twitter


  • Moderation
  • Conduct research to discover how to connect with other communities
  • Organize and run contests and community growth campaigns


  • Experience in public speaking and giving conferences (AMAs)
  • +5 years of experience with cryptocurrencies / +1 on NFTs
  • Advanced knowledge on social media management (Discord Servers / Twitter )

Open positions

  • (1) Russian moderator
  • (1) Chinese moderator
  • (1) Other languages are going to be considered

The estimated time of workload is 2-4 hours daily and 15 hours / weekly

:100: Reward: 300 USD each :100:

:star: DM me with a brief description of your previous experience to schedule an interview or ask questions :star:


Hi @FritzWorm I’m ready to work on this as the Chinese moderator I studied Chinese in school and I can translate quite alright though I haven’t worked with any group as a moderator but I’ve learnt from a friend who does @Psalmy
I’ll be glad if given the opportunity :blush:


Hi @FritzWorm im interested in the offer

Hey Fritz

I’m interested in the moderator job and I’d love to apply.

Here’s my Resume:

I have a ton of experience in community moderation and think I’d make a great asset to the team.


Mmenie Etudor

Check your Discord DM sir, And I already Applied on OWS Application page @FritzWorm

Hi @FritzWorm, if the project also targets at Vietnamese market (where NFT & crypto are quite developed) Please let me know so I can share this opp with the VNese community.