[February] Cheddar: Looking for Community Moderator || Candidate is found

Hey Sandboxers and NEARians,

We are happy to announce the collaboration with Cheddar: A loyalty token and yield farm platform on NEAR Protocol. The new opportunity might be interesting for all people passionate about Defi.

Cheddar is building a loyalty network for the NEAR ecosystem of DApps by establishing strategic partnerships that promote the use of NEAR while rewarding users. We are looking for a person who will support Cheddar with their Telegram channel.


  • Available 14 hours/week, daily activity: 2 hours/day. (We mostly need this person to cover Asian/American nights so a preferred candidate should cover working hours 11 PM - 2 AM UTC or 9 AM - 2 PM UTC)


  • Excellent English verbal and written communication
  • Experience creating and configuring Telegram BOT
  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Telegram (100+ members each)
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain and the NEAR ecosystem.

The team will help with product-related questions of course but it will be a major plus if you have previous experience with the Cheddar project.

Reward: 500 USD

DM me a brief description of your background to schedule an interview or ask questions


Sound interesting pls check your DM I want to find more information about the position

I’m quite interested please check your DM sir, Thanks


I am interested in the position. Please check your DM


Interested but unable to DM you.

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Hi there, please find “Message” button when clicking on my profile.


I’m interested in the role. Please check your DM


I’m interested in the position please check your DM sir


Hi @williamx

Hope you are doing well

I’m interested in the position. I’ll let a brief description of my experience on DM. Please let me know if you need something else

Luis Aponte


Good morning, I am interested and available for the job. I have enough experience and skills and will perform as expected. Lookin forward to hearing from you.

Hello. I got my IELTS certification with 6 points so I’m can understand and write in English. I’m not gonna say I have a huge knowledge about near and whatnot but I believe that I have enough knowledge about NEAR, and I’m familiar with telegram as I have been using it for years . Pls check whether I am eligible?

Thanks I am not a Rapper#2054 (titione2.near) for involving in the project.
Due to late onboard you can claim for $125 ~ N15 (8.6$/N Five day average of NEAR price using the Anchored VWAP on Trading View, NEAR/USD pair)

Please use this link for your DAO application on OWS Astro DAO


Hei, Thanks @IamnotRapper (titione2.near) for involving in the project.
The project is now concluded per partner’s request. The reward of $250 is approved.

Please use this link for your DAO application on OWS Astro DAO