Developer for an NFT project

We are an NFT team, looking for a developer for our collection. We have a lot of information that can facilitate the work (GitHubs, docs, repos) so it is not something that may require a lot of your time. Currently we also have a developer in the team but due to his amount of stuff he took an advisor role, so we are looking for someone who can be fully dedicated.

If you think that this can fit with you, feel free to send me a message.


Hi! That interests me.
What would the job be? Is it for artists?

Hey Mailza, thanks for answer me!

What we need is someone available to unify all of our information and code the collection. This is a job for a dev, our art is almost done.

If you still think that these is for you, please send me your Discord or Telegram and we can chat there more in details.

Thank you, Osten.

Acho que não é bem isso que eu faço, rsrsrs good luck!!

Hi! I’m a data engineer and python developer and I also have other skills that might be relevant. I would like to know more about the project: how much time to dedicate to this work and what programming language and other knowledge is needed.

Hey hey :wave:

There’s a Jobs category in the NEAR Discord which I think this would benefit from being cross posted in :100:

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Good luck finding someone to fill it, there’s a tonne of great talent here :100:

Hey! Nice to meet you, the language that we need to be used is Rust. We have GitHubs, repos and docs that has all the info that you need. What we need is to unify all that Information, and integrate the smart contract with the website.

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Hey! I tried that and I have no responses from there, because of that I’m trying here. Also if you know someone that want to help us we’re open talk!

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