[Proposal] New guide proposal and report

Hi all.
Greetings consuls, moderators and participants of the Near Forum. Watching the forum and taking part in the life of the ecosystem, I saw a number of problems. Firstly, these problems are related to the consideration of proposals and their approval, which are delayed up to several weeks, the same problem with the timely payment of grants. I have such a proposal to make a form for submitting applications and reports.

  1. The name of the project.
  2. Presenting the team with their social networks and wallets.
  3. The essence of the project, how their project will help the ecosystem.
  4. The requested amount of funding is broken down by a certain type of work (moderator of the channel N sum, contests to attract N sum, the work of artists and developers N sum, and the like).
  5. Expected metric indicating social networks and specify websites if any.
  6. The previous offer, the latest report and the wallet for which the grant is requested.
    This will first of all make your work easier and speed up the voting process, you will not have to search for reports or social networks on the forum. Many projects write that they do not have time to receive a grant, and the month for which the amount was requested has already passed, this makes it difficult to work.

Perhaps if done this way, the work will be faster.

  1. From the 1st to the 5th day, submit a report.
  2. From the 6th to the 11th, submit an offer from the grant recipients.
  3. From 12 to 17, the consuls will consider proposals and vote.
  4. From 17 to 22, voting on the astrodao and passing the KYC.
  5. From 23 to 28 payment of the requested grant to the approved participants.
    You can make the deadlines shorter or at your discretion, for example, make a report at the end of the month, and an offer at the very beginning. The mechanism of the Near ecosystem should work perfectly not only in the blockchain, but also on the forum and among the community.

The requested amount for drawing up and adjusting the schedule is $ 1. I hope for marketing support.
Thx :relaxed:

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Yeah, ok.
But First…
Who are you?


What exactly are you interested in? I remember you offered me a joint project or help in creating a project. Now there is a great opportunity to help me, we can organize with you the DAO of adjustments and support for new participants. I hope you will not go back on your words and support me.
Thx :blush:

Good evening. Unfortunately, due to processing time and other issues, it’s not possible right now. Furthermore, we don’t have a specific timeframes for applicants. Anyone feel free to create proposals at any time.

Yes, I agree one week is an excellent pace because we are responsible for our applicants, their efforts, and the people in our regional guilds. Marketing DAO does its best to keep the timeframe.

Unfortunately, we’re not handling the payments. Near Foundation executes all rewards.


There is no problem that anyone can apply at any time. I would like the backlash not to be delayed. It is necessary to improve the time of consideration of the proposal. This does not mean any obligations as in a centralized community. There should be order everywhere. Thank you for your time.
Thx :blush: