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Hey everyone,

Growing a healthy developer community has always been a top priority for NEAR organizations like NEAR Foundation and Pagoda. However, doing so while maintaining a tricky balance between decentralization and using the above mentioned centralized companies is generally an unsolved problem. Therefore we want to continuously hear the feedback on what is working and not working well, while we are incrementally improving our community. Please share the feedback in this thread, and if there is something too sensitive to share publicly then please DM me.


we definitely need more marketing support for NEAR projects.


I do agree. I would be very glad with a Marketing dao which does not only accepts or rejects funding proposals, but that also has the professionals to marketing our DAOs.


For our local meetups across the US we are in the need for more developers to teach. Also need a streamlined system to see where developers are based out of so we can more effectively setup hubs based on who is already building in the ecosystem. Right now we’ve been defaulting to perceived tech hubs like SF, NYC, Miami, & Austin. Also a database of known developers working on mainnet projects would be helpful. Rn its like herding cats getting participation for builder groups.

Also interested in pushing JS SDK and the JS Web3 stack to developer bootcamps, maybe something to sync on with new NEAR Education lead.


Hello we are a team of 12 developer’s all NEAR certified. We started develop in NEAR the last year in november and the experience has been amazing. We are working actively in several projects using NEAR.

We would like to keep Onboard and teach young developer’s and experienced developer to join the NEAR comunity and help growing the ecosystem and help entrepreneurs to launch their projects.


So glad to hear that. Can I talk to u by DM to talk about a possible collaboration?

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Yes of course this is my telegram @andresdom

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