[Forum Meeting] LATAM DAO

Hello Fam, a big hug to all our beloved community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is about onboarding LATAM members into the DAO, with a warm WELCOME.

The idea is to verify members and their roles.

Meeting Rules

Share your personal history, goals, passions, let’s know each other better.

  1. This post will be open as long LATAM DAO is ongoing.
  2. If you are LATIN AMERICAN please feel free to join
  3. Focus on the main point: What have you done here on NEAR, dApps you like, your background, what do you expect on the future.
  4. Share your telegram tag, i.e. @nearfritz is mine.
  5. Share your WALLET ADDRESS we will use it to add you into the DAO.

Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @nearlatamdao
DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/latam-dao.sputnik-dao.near

DAO first Councils will reserve the right to add new members on this early stage, later all the Community can directly decide, as it is a DAO of course.

Have a good time, know about what others are doing, and start Cross Collaborations, joining initiatives from others.


Mi name is Alejandro Moreno (Almore.near). I started in the Cripto World in 2021 and in the NEAR Ecosystem in 2022 by earning the "NEAR Certified Professor (NCP). I am a believer on the importance and the future of the blockchain technology and the Web 3 approach to the next internet revolution. I´ve been working as an writer for the Medium Channel “AuroraESNear” and as a moderator in the group of telegram carrying the same name. My interest right now is Focused in the governance of the cripto ecosystem, trying to figure out the best ways of construct a political structure compatible with the Web 3.


Greetings, my name is Gilberth Betancourt, my wallet is gilberth.near. :blush:

My history in the cryptocurrency world goes back to when I was 17 years old, now I’m 20 years old. I started my journey on the TRX network, then moved to the Near network and now I am multichain. I am a tester of new projects and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. :muscle::moneybag:

I started as a moderator in the Aurora Is Near group since last year. At first I was an ambassador, I supported the community and helped as much as I was allowed. Then I got the news to be a moderator of the Aurora Es Near group and now I also have the YouTube position of the community. :star2::movie_camera:

I love this community because I promote a lot of information about the network and share my knowledge with the members. Every Saturday I hold meetings to make a summary of everything they have understood during that week and we do dynamics. :tv::globe_with_meridians:

I also have the SBT of the Near network and I am OG, below I leave you my telegram

TG: gilberth15


Greetings NEAR Family.

My name is Milly Rodriguez :wink:, I am an active member of the Aurora ES Near Community :green_heart:, I have since September 2022 creating articles for the Medium Blog and additionally I have 7 months running the Twitter account now X of that community.

I came to the world of cryptocurrencies in March 2022, thanks to the NCA offered by NEAR Hispano, since then I have been developing activities within the Spanish-speaking communities of the protocol, I have the pleasure of sharing with an exceptional team in Aurora ES Near and we have been educating and informing our community in Spanish, about everything concerning our ecosystem, I support the initiative of decentralization and that is why I am here, the creation of the DAO in LATAM is a step to achieve such decentralization.

We will continue working as we have been doing.

My Wallet is: millyrodriguez.near
My Telegram user is: @MillyRSA


Hello NEAR fam :star_struck:

I’m so happy to see and be part of this initiative. :sweat_smile:

Gladly, I will share a little of my journey on NEAR since the last time I introduced myself. You can check it here:

Time has flown, and I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the community in various roles. Let me take you through some of these significant achievements:

I’m a proud member of the AuroraESNear team, where I’ve been assisting with content creation to educate about the NEAR ecosystem. It’s been truly amazing to witness the strength of our community within the blockchain space!

Since April 2023, I’ve been managing the NEAR Social account of AuroraESNear community, leading it to remarkable growth and securing a spot in the top 20 trending charts, while fostering continuous community interaction.

My experience with NEAR Social and BOS has highlighted the need for more grassroots users to embrace BOS. In response, the Aurora Es Near team and I designed a BOS course to empower individuals with the knowledge they require to embark on this exciting journey. This course took place in October, and I am thrilled with the results.

My commitment to the NEAR Foundation goes beyond these accomplishments. I’m actively involved in the Freelancer DAO program and currently enrolled in the NEAR Certified Researcher Course. This enables me to continually expand my knowledge and skillset, allowing me to contribute even more to this incredible community.

Now, I’m excited to be a part of the Latam DAO journey and eagerly anticipate connecting with all its members, sharing insights, and collectively shaping the future of this DAO.

Telegram: @Ame9986
Near wallet: cripteros.near


Hey there!
I’m Ulises Marin, also known as ramgor.near in the NEAR ecosystem. or @ramgor86 in Telegram.

In case you want to know how did I get to Near :point_down: :wink:

I’ve been part of the NEAR community since December 2021, starting my journey with Near Venezuela, my local community. Since then, I’ve had an amazing time participating in various programs such as:

  • Open Web Sandbox: I’ve been actively engaged in translations and creating exciting content.
  • NEAR University Courses through NEAR Hispano: I completed the NCA (Analyst), NCP (Professor), and NCE (Entrepreneur) programs.
  • LNC ( NEAR Learn Club EN-PT translator)
  • As a true believer in decentralization, I’m actively involved in several DAOs, including the Community DAO, Merchants DAO, NV DAO, and LATAM DAO.

I consider myself a community builder, currently working as a Project Manager at AuroraESNear. Our mission is to create top-notch educational content in Spanish for a diverse audience. Being involved in the blockchain world since 2019 has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for me. I love spreading the word about the NEAR ecosystem and how it can empower others.
Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone! :blush:

My name is Yaneisia Hernández, it’s a pleasure to greet you and share with you about my experience in this crypto world and with Near Protocol.

My beginnings in the crypto world were in 2021, and my great learning and knowledge about blockchain, web 3, and decentralization began with Near Protocol in early 2022 when I took my CNA (Near Certified Analyst) certification, a course that allowed me to learn about these technologies.

Subsequently and up to the present, I started doing Marketing about Near’s Blockchain technology and its ecosystem, projects such as Aurora, Octopus, and others, from my community of which I am a member @AuroraESNear and Near Blockchain in Spanish.

What can I say about these 2 years? that I have been able to see and be part of the evolution of Near Protocol, and of course mine with everything I have learned and experienced with the use of its dapps such as Ref. Finance, Metapool, Pulsar, etc., and also with the use of “BOS”, Near.social, Near.org, an experience of which I am very satisfied to be a part.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to this new stage of Near, confident that it will be a new experience full of learning and sharing knowledge, willing to continue my `crypto walk’ with Near Protocol from LATAM DAO and continue supporting the communities on this side of the world in Spanish.

Telegram: @Yaneisia
Billetera: yaneisia.near