[July 2021] SputnikDAO Project Opportunity || Status: candidates found

More NEAR projects are looking for collaborators to work together. SputnikDAO provides a new opportunity to be involved in a creative project in the upcoming weeksPreformatted text.

Contact me, @Sofia_Alum, @starpause to get more information about the project or jump directly to Discord to chat about it.

The project needs collaborators with a background in Marketing and Social Media. People with skills in content creation are welcomed as well.

The more outreach that can be done the better, but the baseline is social media for the Sputnik Twitter account


My estimate is that the social media management for SputnikDAO can be done with about 10 hours of work a week.

  • Check SputnikDAO twitter for activity 2x a day for activity
    • retweet
    • comment on #dao threads
    • follow leaders in DAO space
    • support users
  • Create new content
    • provide content guilds with insights they can use for infographics
    • pick out DAO/guilds to celebrate
    • run a content calendar