The OWS monthly report and OWS moderators Community Acknowledgement

As referred to in the OWS Roadmap June-October’21, the development of the OWS is based on three core pillars: internal operations, external operations and infrastructure. Below we have summarized the most important updates of the month of July based on these three pillars.


  • To boost interaction and playful collaboration amongst our contributors, the OWS Team will introduce another unique opportunity to play, learn and earn - Taskathon. It is an event concept to onboard new users and encourage exploration and interaction of the NEAR ecosystem through the Open Web Sandbox. The Taskathon will be run like a treasure hunt / quiz where participants answer questions and complete tasks within a limited timeframe. Incentives will be offered to every participant who successfully completes all the tasks. These can be in the form of near tokens, nfts, social tokens etc

  • The OWS database allows interaction with individual contributors and projects via forms. If you are a new Sandboxer-contributor and are available for some exciting projects, please fill in this form. If you are a project or a guild lead and you would like some help from Sandbox inhabitants (which is absolutely free for you since rewards are covered by the OWS), please fill in this form so that we can see your request in our database.

  • Although the OWS is still in its early stage of development, we already have received two requests from the Russian @Zhunda and Spanish speaking communities (@FritzWorm) to have additional language channels on the OWS Discord. These concerns have been heard and the OWS Team is doing its best to set up all the basics in place and start expanding beyond English language asap. As covered in the Roadmap, more updates on this in September’21!

  • New project opportunities are available now on Sandbox:


  • As of June the Sandbox SputnikDAO is fully operational and in July we celebrated the joining of a new member Rebecca @mecsbecs!
  • The OWS database is being further developed to be able to match contributors with suitable project opportunities on the one hand and guarantee the quality of work delivered to the project’s requestors on the other hand. This is happening in collaboration with Sherif and Aaron of Vital Point AI. Aaron’s Catalyst solution can provide a simpler UX while also providing a use case for a ‘built in NEAR’ solution.
  • The UX and onboarding experience of the OWS and the Sandbox’s strategy for growth will be continued topics of conversation as we engage with @alanborger of the newly-formed Design Guild and @ross of the NEAR Core team respectively.
  • To discuss a KYC for the Open Web Sandbox, the OWS has initiated a collaboration with the newly launched Legal Guild.


  • The most recent edition of the OWS bi-weekly series “Humans of The Open Web has focused on the story of the most profound Sandbox Graduate: Claudio Cossio, who now coordinates his own NEAR Hispano Guild (check out his success story here). The next one in line will shed light on one of the Sandbox moderators Valentina, who is actively engaged in building OWS database for projects and contributors

  • To optimize the flow and quality of the OWS weekly AMA’s, we transitioned to the new platform Airmeet as of Wednesday 21st (instead of Discord and Google Meet).

  • The Second Edition of the OWS Party took place on 29th July at 5pm CET. Many thanks to @mecsbecs @jlwaugh and @starpause for attending and your technical and mental support. See you all back end of August!

  • The OWS team is proud to empower newcomers in the NEARverse but also develop their own talents beyond the working of the OWS to boost overall engagement within the NEAR ecosystem. This being said, we are excited to see the OWS graphic designer @p0k doing extra effort for the community: [Proposal] NEAR Syndicate Youtube Channel


I am very glad to be a part of Sandbox! Thank you :relaxed: