Sandbox[November] Project(SputnikDAO twitter management) reward claim [Jiten |#1825]

It is the Fourth month of collaborating with SputnikDAO under the supervision of @starpause to manage SputnikDAO’s Twitter account as per instructions here, and you can check more details about the project here.

As a result, we gained 900+ followers this month(It is still 5-6 days before the end of November), where I found growth in impression and also the conversion rate is relatively high compared to last month, and you can check the stats of 25-November-2021 here .

The total reward I’m expecting for this task is 600USD in NEAR token

 NEAR Wallet ID: jiten1.near
 Wallet owner’s name: Jitendra Naik

Thanks for your work !

Approved :white_check_mark:

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@Dacha Just retweet claim for 600$…! lol

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Hey, sorry mate, you aren’t right because retweeting of relevant tweets is just a part of Twitter management that you can check from the instructions of project owner @starpause. In the background, it takes a lot of effort to keep a constant growth, and after I take charge of Sputnikdao Twitter is showing a constant growth with average followers of 1k per month(You can check my previous reports here ). For your kind information, I’m doing part-time for SputnikDAO Twitter management, so there is a limit of time then related to my salary, you can check the average salary of a social media manager here.

Thanks :pray:


Yes, please follow and retweet Jiten’s work at


This is again the work of SMM, would love to see similar reaction as i could find on the instagram SMM and your initiative on NEAR Protocol TG group. :slight_smile:

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Good morning. A little bit misleading information. Need to see Social media specialist, not a manager. Thanks

I don’t see any work which is related to SMM.
Sputnik DAO is something everyone is aware of no need for a special content interaction to attract more people. I didn’t see any new content is made to promote.

Hey mate, sorry this link is blank and my role isn’t social media specialist :slightly_smiling_face:

True, But if you check the twiter account creation date then you could find it is ‘December 2020’ and I took charge on August 2021 which is approx 8months after the account creation but until I take the responsibility there were only 700-800 people following sputnikDAO now you can see steady but constant growth and please don’t mind my work isn’t to create events but just to share the event news from DAOverse in the form of content so I don’t know what is the meaning of SMM for you but I’m strictly following the instructions given by the project owner here.

But anyway thanks for your concerns :pray:

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Well the growth on the twitter is quite promising.
All the best sir and keep up the good work.

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thank you so much mate :heart:

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> * Check SputnikDAO twitter for activity 2x a day for activity
> * retweet
> * comment on #dao threads
> * follow leaders in DAO space
> * support users
> *** Create new content**
> ** * provide content guilds with insights they can use for infographics**
> ** * pick out DAO/guilds to celebrate**
> ** * run a content calendar**

Does this Part done…?

I been watching for a while …!

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Yes, please point out what if I missed :slightly_smiling_face:
Only watching doesn’t help mate it would be great if you could suggest to me something for SMM as you saying.

NEAR is also something everyone is aware of or you can say that NEAR is more popular than SputnikDAO, so NEAR shouldn’t need any activity/content or social media manager? promotion and social media management are two different things because promotions should be controlled by the marketing manager and the content I’m creating is just to share news from NEARverse and DAOverse hope you are getting point.