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Hi Family, my name is SterryO I’m a musician, a producer, a writer, an audio engineer and of course, the Africa’s foremost NFT Producer.

Records like;

*. Till Dawn


The traditional music industry is not bad, but i wonder why many artists always have issues with their record label at the end of the day, especially in Nigeria. Well i’m related to thousands of them and I can understand their experiences. Many of them ends up depressed while still in contract, because the label determines when to drop their songs, some are already broke cos they are not making money again & cant be in the street to hustle because of their reputation, many are secretly looking for a way out, this experience is what i can also relate with. Which made me realise, lowkey everyone wanna be independent but doesn’t have the resources​:slightly_smiling_face:

Its time for me to announce to my fans and other celebrities that NEAR PROTOCOL cares, and wanna make creating of audio NFTs easy for them which they can always earn their royalties with NEAR WALLET and even also make local transactions with NEAR WALLET


  1. To start creating minimum of 3 Tracks projects for each celebrities monthly, minting them on Mintbase and splitting their royalties with NEAR WALLET
  2. Producing/Supporting Female creatives, opening NEAR WALLET for them, minting their content and splitting their royalties with NEAR WALLET so as to make them more independent in chasing their career, against the challenges female creatives go through in creating content, such as lack of funds, sexual harassment, etc.
  3. . Producing and developing young talents ranging from age 2-16 Minting their content as NFT opening NEAR WALLET for them which will probably be handled by their parents for proper monitoring.
  4. . There will also be live Interview on Radio, TV and blogs for each creative member of the guild headlining their craft which will direct people to go consume their content on mintbase, using NEAR WALLET.


-We tend to onboard female creatives, for as many as possible
-To create alot of music and art content with all our existing and new members into the DAO
-Collaborates with celebrities and influencers (Male & Female).
-Creating opportunities for all our musical artists to perform their songs at physical concerts and get paid and booked with NEAR Coin. i.e ( our music artists can only be booked with NEAR Token, any one interested 'em with be put through guidelines of having NEAR wallet and funding it to be a ble to pay.
-Mandating buy of artists NFTs also as means of booking.
-Making Afrostar Guild top NFTs company in Africa, where collectors can easily think of first when it comes to investing in NFTs

@frnvpr @JulianaM @chloe @vandal

This is the vision i’ve always had in my head and Ill be running it alongside with myself @sterryo and @bgem

If there is anyone interested in the vision, you can signify in the comment session, thank you



This is a great idea. Kudos👏

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It’s about time to place value on crafts and spread NEAR Protocol & NFTs into Ogun state :raised_hands:t5:

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Hey, @sterryo. I just finished reading through your proposal and I find it to be an interesting one considering the fact that I’ve known some artists who have had problems in the traditional music industry and do think it’s time for these artists to take ownership of their works.

If you haven’t already, please do the following:

  1. Goto: Start a Guild on NEAR and fill the guild’s creation form to enable the guilds ops team to help Kickstart your guild launch.

  2. Reach out @shreyas & @Jessica incase you have an questions or inquiry that needs clarification.

In the meantime, I’ll be be keeping a close eye to see how this evolves. Good luck!:blush:

Edit: Do well to add a link to your guild community channel (Telegram / Discord) to OP when one becomes available


thank you so much, @simeon4real bless you for seeing the light and for the direction.


Wooow;;! This is going to be very Great… I’m very happy this vision is coming to live …my 8 years old cousin sings so well… I’m so excited about this

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Nice idea @sterryo I can relate to the current situation in Nigeria blowing up as an artiste
Is like “an impossible journey” to so many talented guys
Growing up I use to rap
But it seems nothing was evolving around me
No connection
No label to link up with
Probably after calculating all these
I gave up
Chase something else
But it’s actually a nice idea
Looking forward to see alot of guys
Go mainstream with this idea
Thank you
Pls can you dm me or drop it here
The link to your track with Davido
Or drop the link to your group when it’s available


damn, you are so welcome… and you can still have dreams working @Hsmoney this will be the purpose of our guild​:slightly_smiling_face:

and yea this is the to the song

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yea @larkim thank you so much and yes your 8yers old cousin is welcome with love!

I’m very excited about this…This is going to bring light to a lot of musicians. …This is Greatness… Thank you so much for bringing your vision to reality…

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Wow you have this track
@simeon4real I dance with this music for 5 hours a day
Man this is one of my best track
Great job bruh
Am 100% behind you :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Heyhey & sorry for the delayed reply,

Sounds like a good idea!

As @simeon4real already mentioned the next steps for creating your own Guild, I’m looking forward seeing it come to life :slight_smile:


Bless you family @tabear :heart:

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I love this vision and certainly whenever your guild come to life, NPKGUILD would be in touch to make all thos plan come to fulfilment. Winning Nigeria, West Africa and Africa generally for blockchain through NEAR

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Yeah @damboy22 we go this way! :tada: :confetti_ball:

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