[Approved] AfroStarGuild Website

Here comes the moment where we bring all our features, visions, DAO activities, events, contacts, purpose with NEAR, Service with NEAR, and magic in the Ecosystem which is working with the female creatives, celebrities, and social media influencers,

Every other details and features adding up with our website will be updated as job conyinues
begin our goals according to the agenda of our ROAD MAP

It will be of immense benefits to the ecosystem in the following ways

  1. There will be a section for Near Education, which will have contents about Near Protocol and a customer care service to answer questions about the ecosystem.
  2. There will be links to the near wallet site and basic wallet creation steps. New wallet creators can also come back to the site for the initial Near deposit into their wallets to make it customizable.
  3. Web3 artistes can also create accounts, have profiles on the website, and link their mintbase links to their profiles. The only music links that will be accepted on the site is Mintbase.
  4. Videos relating to the DAO, such as music videos, documentaries and educational contents will also be steamed from the sites.

Proposed Web Name: www.afrostarguild.io
Developer: ABIODUN @Abiodun
Updates about Near
NFTs adverts
Web3 music artist support
Near wallet account opening link integration
Artistes’ registration page
Artistes’ mintbase link integration
Live support

Timeline of Design: 2months
General Overlook and thoughts: this is meant to take a while to build because of the project level. It is not.just a website and because of the activities we will be carrying out on it, we will need to test and retest every link to make sure they work well


Payout: Afrostar.near



awsome, been waiting for this!


Ok. Happy to approve.

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Hi brother. What I mean is, That’s the proposed domain name we wanna use for the website, @Dacha

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Happy to support. Key deciding factor is the visibility to NEAR Education, onboarding.


Thank You for understanding :pray:t6:

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Hi @sterryo

Looking forward to checking out the finished product. You have my support.

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Thank You @Klint we love you…

Inviting @Abiodun to see supports

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You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction

Have a great day :blush:


Oh great, happy to be work, let’s go​:muscle:t5:

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We appreciate all supports @Dacha @Klint @satojandro :pray:t6:

Pls vote for us


@marketingdao-council :heart:


Payment received, work in progress,
I will share the necessary update as soon as possible :muscle:t5: Thank You #afrostar-guild

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Hello @sterryo . Looking forward to seeing your report. Thank you

Yep @Dacha,
Good enough, me and @Abiodun just talked this noon.
Getting ready by weekend as he stated.
Waiting… Thank yu

Thank you very much! Have a wonderful weekend!