[ INTRODUCTION ] The Clan Guild

Hello NEARverse. My names Augusto, and Im an artist under the duOCELOT persona, since I’ve entered the crypto universe by the NFT experience. I have all my NFT works at the https://lynkfire.com/duOCELOT and a few IRL stuff.

My partner is @whoiscavenaghi and we have a 2yo son. Her https://lynkfire.com/Cavenaghi have all of the nfts and the contacts.

We are artists for artists, parents to parents, supporting each other.

Our DAO project its called The Clan, and its a digital place to help artists on the run to generates material to help other daos and the community, focused at the mostly in need as parents with children, providing jobs opportunities, a monthly support for one artist at a time and knowledgement trade, from the basics to financial advises by tutorials, guides and sharing techniques.

We are designers, architechs, musicians, bakers, sculptors, photographers, marketing professionals, and artists in general.

We will do this by creating events, workshops, bounties, providing background information and support.

Our aim is to develop strategies to create a self sustained fund system and share these with the community.

We will be working with the marketplaces enviroment providing income from nft sales, at first.

We will work on a vote system at the community, as which artists should participate of the digital residence project or which nfts will be part of the collab series, to major things as monthly themed decisions.

To organize this we will create a token economics system based at multiple coins, into a random distribuition of different tokens.

The dev part is our weak spot, so we will work with the community to produce new opensource tools.

Our first steps will be set up the store and migrate our brasilian community and artists that are parents in need to the new dao workflow, helping then to create a wallet, mint and list their first nfts at mintbase clan store.

Then we will choose a theme by voting to be our first subject to be discussed at our projects of the month.

Set up a basics structure builded by the community. Logo development, a workshop, an exhibition curated by our dao, the production of tutorial materials to help each other, and seek for bounties around the community and provide support to solve the jobs to the artists if needed.

We encourage everyone to participate as an active member of the community, helping and being part of projects at other DAOs, as we understand that sharing and helping is the key to workout the self sustain system.

First concrete ideas:

  • welcome the artists to the community paying 1N per artist from creating a wallet to list at our mintbase store.

  • create an agenda to a residence with one artists. They will manage an workshop project for the community, list a weekly art piece related to our theme, and delivery a guide or small tutorials related to his experience of the project with the help of the dao

-create a store, for the children of the projects with the supervision and authorization of their legal responsibles, to mint and list their nfts, and start working out their creations.

  • create and manage a collab comission project, with 2 nfts per week, by 2 different artists working on a piece under the choosen theme.

  • help to advertise the artists with their work and generate infornatives weekly about projects going on at the community or have any relations to it

  • social media, the basics, etc.

Initial Council:



Community and Socials:
Discord group: Discord
Beco das Arte dos Fudido

@whoiscavenaghi manage a community for female artists as a support place. Discord female only.


Welcome to the NEAR community :wave:t4:.

The Clan’s plans in the space seem like their will definitely have a positive impact on many. I’m excited to :eyes::eyes::eyes: and support where I can.


Also, I just created the “the-clan-guild” tag so that your guild can more efficiently self organize on the forums. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! I’ve tried to do it but it didnt work :upside_down_face:


I would like to add my welcome as well to The Clan Guild! And glad that you made it into the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat also. Reach out if you need anything - especially when you have your first budget up. Be sure to go through our Guides under the Creatives DAO subcategory to get to know our funding process.

@murilooon @frnvpr @JulianaM @Samiasns since your groups have connections with Brasil and with Brazilian artists as well, let’s see how we can all work together if possible! :hugs:


yes! and @hevertonharieno @lucterra @talitafflima @thiago.7hc :grinning: :grinning:

Bem-vindos @duOCELOT @whoiscavenaghi and brunoqual!


Hey, welcome! I’m sure we can collaborate somehow in near future :sparkling_heart::sparkles::sparkling_heart::sparkles: happy to see more Brazilians in the ecosystem!


@brunoqual is coming at easy steps, as we are from a distance and he is doing his stuff, but have some eyes and ears around. Hes a very talented music producer and thinker. He will be more active soon


I am loving reading this post.

It’s a pleasure to see a fellow countryman working in big and positive things.

Or, to say better: “Vamo pra cima CLAN” =)