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REGGAE DAO From Cameroon and NXM reggae artist and producers world wide male/female

We want to create a DAO that specifically supports persons who adentify as REGGAE ART or PRODUCER, thier goals and creative projects, regardless of origin, skin colour or location.the goals is to provide help for a reggae artist and producers with thier projects through ONBOARDING, FUNDING and CONNECTING with others like NXM Reggae artist and producers

In other to reach project equality the reggae artist and producers deserve more visibility in many areas.
REGGAE DAO want to be a platform that want to showcases successfull REGGAE art and producers of the NEAR ecosystems and beyond, Because a good reggae music makes you archive your goals faster.
The project we want to support should have a focus on artist and producers who identify as REGGAE, on products equality, Education for reggae artist and producers inclusion

For the Set up the council would consist of

 @lebon  , @Thetune01  @jahzone ,  @RUTHER  @fatokunmayowa.near @Wiswizindo with @jahzone : Co-founder of Reggae DAO and part of the creative DAO council, based in NXM and Cameroon

@Wiswizindo @JCB_1985 L fatokunmayowa.near @pepanicotb : Creative cultural producer based in NXM and Cameroon with Creative DAO

We would love to expand the council to create a vibrant and global environment of REGGAE DAO

Next step

We want to start slow but steady, the first step is to set up a DAO on astro, as well as setting up a social media channels we will love to organize an event o collaboration with Reggae artist and producers that are locally active in the Reggae DAO and different DAOs

Values for projects to be funded

Collaboration with Artist and producers to come up with 10 Reggae tracks every month so that we can mint it on NXM open store for auctions and 30% sale back to the NXM funding bodjet or charity as surport

Monthly LIVE event to showcase the tallented reggae artist and producers minted songs on metaverse party and live performance

Open the community growth

Intersectional inclusivity

Cross disciplinary (Artist, producer & entrepreneurial

Long term goals

In the long run we want to organize event/talks & workshops, in the the metaverse and in the physical world, which provide Education about crypto and it’s infinite possibilities. How to become self _ substainable and accomplish projects.

For now this is the rough structure that we have been thinking of. We are more than happy about feedback and for Reggae artist and producers who will like to join :heart::heart::heart:

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hey team!

Welcome to the Forum! Glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Thanks :+1: brother we appreciate hopefully we have some of the creative DAO council in our mist will be great


We are working on a project coming up so soon about REGGAE MIXTAPE, is going to be artist and producers.
On collaborating to come up with 10 good Reggae tracks every month end . For now let’s try to vote on how many people that are going to be among the Councilors, am very grateful to see many people from different DAOs coming together into the Reggae DAO . Producers please feel free to summit your beats when it’s time so the artist will pair thier self on creating a good Reggae track
Our goals is to mint 10 tracks every month so you can earned some tokens and also we will support the NXM community charity funds and we need a workshop for DJs(producer) culturally.
So we need everyone to be active for more updates… :fire: :fire: Thanks :+1:

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Hello =) Nice introduction, looking forward to know more about your work :rocket:

Laptop solved ?

Big hug and cheers :beers:


Thanks :+1: very much still looking for a PC

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Great one bro :100: this is something real positive.

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Am greatful my brother much love

Wow !!! I love this :white_heart:

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