Greetings Creatives-mods I want to announce that I will love to change reggaedao to Cameroon Artist DAO or Cameroon Artist Guild .

Because since we are reggaedao base in world wide, some are thinking is a separate Dao , which is a Regional DAO .

Am still working with the Artist in cameron to come up with some great project that can help cameroonian embarrassed Near protocol web3 Ecosystem,

We are still going to continue with the Reggae culture and Art.
Still minting our reggae musics as NFT.
Still collaborating with different DAOs
But the cameroonian Art and Culture will be included.
We have over 100 Artist, I want to use this opportunity and onboard them into Near protocol, web3 Ecosystem.

I need to know from you before changing the name,

Council members:-


Nice move bro.
Near to the moon


Love and support this, RCDAO is pushing toward how to support creative regional communities that are just started and the existing one too. Wirh the great artists, creator’s and untapped talent in the region, it’s gonna be a huge success.


Thanks very much for supporting the Idea


You are doing well bro.


We are going to creat a regional dao separately, then reggaedao will be the sub dao.
Than the Cameroon Artist Guild will be the regional. So is going to be a great move ahead and with a rapid increase of members onboarding,.
One community can be NFT focused and one can be focused on dev activities.
Also… While one community is focused on education community activities another community can be focused on doing doing Hackathons…

As log as there goals and verticals are diff then they are good .