[proposal] ReggaeDAO monthly funding activities APRIL 2022

DAO/council Members
ReggaeDAO Guild


Target: reggaedao.near

Total requested funding amount: $2400 USD in NEAR

Our introduction: [introduction] reggaedao

Thank you for your assistance so far in making sure that the Reggaedao has its foot solidly cemented in the ecosystem.

March came and went with a major activity in the DAO which is the Reggaedao Mixtape which we did and gave room for a minimum of 20 people to participate which is one of the largest participations in any DAO.

The aim of the DAO is to bring creative minds together in the genre of reggae.

April has come and we also have activities scheduled for the month of April.

Timeline: 30th APRIL

Below is the projects that the REGGAEDAO Guild has outlined to actualize for the month of march:

(1) ReggaeDAO NEAR MIXTAPE LIVE event Cameroon $1000 in Near

(2) ReggaeDAO Live with @BigM007 $900 in Near

DAO management $500 in near

Total bodjet: $2400 USD in NEAR

Thanks to you
The REGGAEDAO Guild ( NEAR reggae collective)


Hi @Jahzonemusician ,

Each budget proposal requires a well-documented monthly report from the previous month, seeing as your previous month of funding has only recently been received, I would recommend focussing on that for this month, writing up the report, and applying for this budget proposal next month.



Okay boss thanks for that will do just as you said :heart::heart::heart: