[APPROVED] REGGAEDAO monthly activities FUND MARCH 2022

DAO/council Members
ReggaeDAO Guild

@Jahzonemusician @BigM007

Target: reggaedao.near

Our introduction: [introduction] reggaedao


the main objective of this set of projects is to supportproducers and musician’s from around the world.
We would like to create a musical gallery of NFTS, which will be on the metavers (Blockchain)
Surch library will allow ReggaeDAO to be music curator on web3 (space)

Timeline: March 15st_31st

he Near protocol has seen so much activities and event arise within it’s ecosystems. This development can only be cognizant of the fact that the NEAR Protocol is conveniently expanding and providing solutions for the individual within the web3 ecosystems
As our NFTs, wallets and numerous Dapps.
ReggaeDAO has observed these development for a while and have decided to contribute for the NEAR Protocol towards helping it expand conveniently in areas were it’s seeking more engagement and traction, which is the creation of ReggaeDAO to have as it’s mission the surport of a reggae projects on the Blockchain.

Below is the projects that the REGGAEDAO Guild has outlined to actualize for the month of march:

.( 1 ) Council work/DAO Management:

$500 will be needed for DAOs management

Activities will be carried out byon our social media, there will be daily tweets, facebook posts and instagram posts. The council members will be responsible for these activities and also be responsible for DAO management and administration.

(2) [project] ReggaeDAO NEAR MIXTAPE

( 3 )[Project] set up a DAO in AstroDAO and bounties for graphics designers assistance
Total amount requested: $200 in NEAR with 5N

Total budget: $2700 USD in NEAR with 5N

Thanks to you
The REGGAEDAO Guild ( NEAR reggae collective)


Hello ! I like the first one !!! is a brave lion !

Project council Members :white_check_mark:

Target: reggaedao.near :white_check_mark:

Total Requested Funding Amount: $4000 USD :white_check_mark:

Project includes: Mixtape, DAO, Bounties for community management and artists, live event 30/03/2022 :white_check_mark:

Timeline: for March :white_check_mark:

Hey everything in order :beers:

To do:

Now we will wait to see if the Creatives councils approve it, you can go to the DAO and submit the proposal there, but will help you if you first organize even better the info and share a more detailed breakdown on how you are going to spend the funds.

Also, I suggest that you can always add more information with links to see the previous work of your team around the NEAR Community or resume (linkedin maybe) of your council members, this can show the strength of your team members, and convince them that you can achieve what you are looking for.



Hey @Jahzonemusician , great to see the proposal!
Just a suggestion; you could add in separate posts for the “REGGAEDAO mixtape” and the “REGGAEDAO live event” with some more specifics as to how the budget is being divided up


Ok thanks will do that just now


Hey @Jahzonemusician

seems like both of these figures include space rental and not much specifics about what the funding would be used for, can you clarify?
Also, on this, it would help a lot if you could make this live event project it’s own post with the details and specifics and then link it in here to the main budget proposal. The same could be done for the graphic artist’s bounties.


Ok thanks let me do a little Clearfield

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@Jahzonemusician thanks for the edits! Just to clarify, the NEAR Reggae Party will no longer be taking place?

I would highly recommend creating individual posts for each of the above projects in order to properly document and organize the respective projects. These individual projects can be linked in here to the overall proposal. This would be especially valuable for the Near Reggae mixtape seeing as there will be many collaborators involved. Perhaps you could divide these tasks up with other council members from the dao?


Great :ok_hand: will do that brother

If the near reggae party will bring delayance for the proposal not approved then no need of the party now let’s put it in the future :heart:

@jahzone Ok, I agree. Start small and build. For me, the mixtape, bounty, and council work are sufficient for the first month to propose! If I can assist with any more restructuring of the proposal please let me know.

Yes I need your assistance please :pray:

On more restructions I need some help of advice please :pray:

Ok, no problem, so here are some recommendations for now to get going in the right direction.

  • Create an individual project for each of the listed projects with as much detail and transparency as possible, then link these in to the overall proposal. When you link these projects in you can give a short (1 or 2 lines) summary and the amount requested.

  • Look to a few examples of other daos to get a feel for this if you are still in doubt (I willl link some good examples below)

  • Talk with the other council members listed above for their input on the proposal

Some examples from this month to follow:


Thanks :+1: am on it now will get back with update

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Hey boss will love you to check on the listed links I just did please

Hey @Jahzonemusician please refer to the comment above with the suggestion on how to structure the projects in individual projects. Thanks

We are working on it now me and the REGGAEDAO Councilors

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Hello :wave: boss sorry to disturb you know it’s so difficult to construct a good proposal that goes with the creative giuldline please try to look on the proposal egain please

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Hey @Jahzonemusician you’re not disturbing at all, I’m here to help.

Good that we’ve got the seperate proposal for the mixtape idea, thanks for that. Step in the right direction.

For the reggae Dao mixtape:

  • Can you appropriately name this project so people understand what it is “[Project] reggae Dao mixtape” or something of the sort.

  • is the project a bounty (ie. Open to the community) or you already have musicians lined up for this project?

  • Can you clarify what the 500$ before and after would be? By my calculations, as per the budget, it would be 1000$ before and after.

  • finally, the council budget would be best off in this main overall funding proposal.

For the second part (200$ in near plus 5N):

  • can you change the name of this also to make it clear?

  • there is mention of 6 N and 5N in that project also, for the same thing… Maybe its a typo?

Also, it goes without saying here that unless something is approved it is not guaranteed!

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm to get this going. If I could make one last recommendation, maybe you could have someone in your community proof read the text so we can keep communication clear.

Thanks again


Hope all has been Clearfield a bit perfect boss? And also thanks for your help One love, peace and anity, long life and prosperity

Thanks :+1:@jahzonemusic

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