[APPROVED] reggaedao MAY 2022


DAO/council Members
ReggaeDAO Guild


Target: reggaedao.near

Total requested funding amount: $2400 USD in NEAR

Our introduction: [introduction] reggaedao

Thank you for your assistance so far in making sure that the Reggaedao has its foot solidly cemented in the ecosystem.

We wish to introduce a new baby to the world. It is a brand new initiative by members of the ecosystem to further expand the reach and influence of the Near Foundation into the specific genre of Reggae, which has been seen as a revolutionary tool and a unifying one.

Reggae music is unique in its various forms. It is a blend of many attributes and many nationalities because of its ancient root in such nationalities.

So, because of its acclaimed popularity and uses, we felt it would be a great impact on the ecosystem and a way of bringing in creatives who specifically do reggae into the ecosystem.

Music generally is a tool for marketing but knowing how to make use of specific genres that are popular and widely accepted is one key point about music marketing, therefore, one sole aim of ReggaeDao is to establish an avenue whereby creatives all around the world can contribute via reggae music and its variants into the expansion of the ecosystem and also

  1. Relate with other members of the ecosysten
  2. Collaborate with other members of the ecosystem
  3. Buy and sell Near Token
  4. Educate other people about the Near Crypto.

Council Members
We are starting this DAO with two members and as we expand and have more activities, we will get more council members in.

These are the current council members.
Jahzone (jahzone.near)
Big M (fatokunmayowa.near)


We have setup REGGAEDAO om Astro and this is the link

We have so created a telegram account for group chats and hangouts, which will also be used to pass information to other members of the DAO.
Telegram Link:


We also prioritize inter Dao activities and collaborations as we look forward to these avtivities in the future.

Short Term Goals
A DAO must have short term goals and achieving this is top priority.
The followings are the short term goals of the DAO

  1. Musical compilations
  2. Inter Dao collaborations
  3. Daily On-boarding
  4. Near Education and Updates

Long Term Goals
We must also plan for the future and plan towards what we hope to achieve with the DAO.

  1. International Workshops hosted by famous and accomplished reggae stars
  2. Near Educational Workshops and talks hosted by Near educators and supported by reggae acts in reggae influenced countries

Thank you.

MAY has come and we also have activities scheduled for the month of MAY.

Timeline: 30th MAY


Below is the projects that the REGGAEDAO Guild has outlined to actualize for the month of MAY

(1) ReggaeDAO NEAR MIXTAPE LIVE event Cameroon $1000 in Near 11/5/2022

(2) ReggaeDAO Live with @BigM007 $900 in Near

DAO management $500 in near

Total bodjet: $2400 USD in NEAR

Thanks to leaders/ Near protocol
REGGAEDAO/council’s members:

Target: reggaedao.near

We have our April monthly report here check it from the link below


Hello @Jahzonemusician & @BigM007 , I don’t seem to see any report on previous months’ activities here. Could you add that in here, please?


Yes please, thanks for the observation, we will add it right now

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@Jahzonemusician sorry bro, is it possible to change your Near Mixtape Reggae DAO flyer?? I don’t agree with the identity of the middle finger, because reggae is peaceful music and you know Bob Marley is a hero figure who gets noble anti-violence and spreads a lot of love in every song.

Masia One has also said to you the same as I said. Peace, One Love :pray:t3:


Yes. Am working on it now brother am sorry was a mistake from the graphics designer

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Ok :+1: please I was not online please, I will do that just now

Thanks for the observation bro.

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@ted.iv @Monish016 @chloe @vreativedao council’s members please we need some feedback on our proposal


@creativesdao-council kindly check our proposal for May. Thank you


@Jahzonemusician & @BigM007
Thanks for the feedback and communication. I’m happy to say that your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Thank you so much, we will do just that.


Thanks , we are grateful for our monthly funding proposal has been approved, thanks once more

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