Introduction: NEAR Vietnam Social channels

Hello NEAR community!

I would like to present about NEAR Vietnam Social channels

  1. Guild name: NEAR Vietnam Social channels
  2. Astro DAO account: vietnamnearofficial.near
  3. NEAR Social:

I. Project Information & Goals

1. Why Vietnam

1.1 External

  • According to 2022 global crypto adoption (Chain Analysis), Vietnam is number 1 in the global crypto adoption index in terms of CEX, DEX, P2P value.

1.2 Internal:

  • According to the latest statistics of Inna Everstake , Vietnam is the 2nd biggest community in NEAR with 18.8%
  • We have been representing NEAR in Vietnam since Feb 2021 and have been active on Twitter, Medium, and Youtube since then, with teammates playing various roles in the NEAR ecosystem.

=> Based on these conditions, we would like to propose a NEAR Vietnam Social Media Channel to:

  • Content: Delivering Expertise - Practical - Objective content in the local language and English to the Vietnamese community.
  • Foster the NEAR ecosystem’s mass adoption in Vietnam:
    • Recruit new NEAR members.
    • Support promoting high-reputation projects toward the Vietnamese community.

2. Why NEAR Vietnam

**2.1 Twitter: **

  • Please note that our old X account @VietnamNear has been HACKED. We advise the general public to ignore any messages from this account.
    Please DO NOT send any money and/or any of the likes as requested from this account, also remind other related communities about it.

  • From 01/2024, we start with a new Twitter:

Starting from Feb 2021, with Twitter impressions in 2022, from Jan till now (organic, no ads, no bot): 1651k impressions, 12.5K followers.

Update Feb and March 2023:

2.2 Online events:

  • Outreach to essential projects, conduct a project review, AMA teaser then AMA recap afterward.
  • 12 AMAs have been hosted in local or English, with up to 200 listeners for big projects. Please check the listener of Orderly event as the link:AMA Orderly Network - Listeners.csv
AMA Trisolaris AMA Atmos AMA Tonic DEX AMA OKX
AMA Pembrock AMA Aurigami AMA Spin AMA Orderly Network
AMA Metapool AMA Stader AMA Endemic NFT AMA HOLDR
  • Community events: for example World cup prediction events, give away events with OKX, 8Cryptonet, FACO crypto community, sticker contest & voting contest afterward

2.3 Youtube:

DEV education course on YouTube: Blockchain Lovers

Achievement in the last 90 days.

  1. Rust weekly online event Series: 9 lessons

  1. Substrate weekly online event Series: 6 lessons

  1. Blockchain 101 : 7 lessons
    Source: 2

Solidity smart contract: 10 lessons

2.4 Medium: NEAR Vietnam | AURORA Vietnam – Medium

  1. Established in Feb 2021 with more than 226 articles so far
  2. Deliver news with a Developer point of view but easy to understand.

2.5 Other communities built by us:

2.5.1 Build Aurora Vietnam community:

a. Twitter page:

b. Telegram: 1,4K members Telegram: Contact @auroravietnamofficial

2.5.2 Build Octopus Vietnam community:

a. Twitter:

b. Telegram: 2,1K members Telegram: Contact @octvietnamese

2.6 Tiktok:
Update 26th Apr 2023

2.7 NEAR Telegram news channel:
Update 26th Apr 2023: to share latest news about NEAR in Vietnamese on Telegram
48 subscribers

2.8: NEAR Vietnam social page:

II. Applicant Information

Our team consists of 4 members with diverse roles to make the ecosystem thrive by delivering the news & insights to the community, consulting projects on business & community development, and tech support.

  1. @JackTran
  1. Hai @HaiVu
  1. Donald
  1. Arya
  1. Phat Hoang:

Good day, thanks for introducing your team. Pleas, can you include the handle of your community and your team, also thr AstroDAO account of your community. Its important

Also, the focus for reginal communities is to get builders to makenuse of the BOS, onboarding users to, and and to verify IamHuman, also having communities use tools such as AstroDAO and the near tip bot

Thanks, thanks and we hope to receive your proposal.

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Hi mate,

Thanks for your feedback!
I add in all the requested information such as: NEAR social, AstroDAO account.
Please check the opening of previous post.

And we noted on the new requests with thanks.

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