[Report]: NEAR Vietnam June 2024

Project Name: Near Vietnam DAO June 2024

Project Intro & Status:

Approved Proposal Link:

I. Highlights:

This June, we have achieved more than 100% of the target, with some key highlights as follows:

  1. Partnership NEAR VN DAO x C Space ship

C-SPACESHIP: Integrate NEAR cutting-edge technology to their products & scale up for having a greater impact in Web3 space; Provide projects on NEAR outsourcing full-stack services to penetrate VN market & leverage existing products;

NEAR VIETNAM DAO: Facilitate C-SPACESHIP to integrate NEAR and access to grants; — Boost user growth for NEAR-based projects via C-SPACESHIP’s strong expertise in VN market; -Collaborate with C-SPACESHIP for incubation and training workshops in terms of Rust-language & Chain Abstraction adoption.




II. Metrics & Evidence: (evidence in link)

III. Next Goals Highlights:
While waiting for the funding, we will keep bringing new users to NEAR through collaboration with NEAR projects.