[APPROVED] NEAR Vietnam March 2024


We would like to propose the Mar proposal as follow:

  1. Introduction about NEAR Vietnam: Introduction: NEAR Vietnam Social channels
  2. February KPI:

We already have an active community since 2021 and will retain and engage with our existing community.

2.1 Referral System:

We aim to reach 60 new wallets/month and 25 average transactions for 30 new wallets through Engagement gamification mechanism

2.2 Engagement gamification mechanism:

  • Telegram chat - Target 100 active members

    • support 7 days/week
    • invite more users to our Telegram chat group from different Vietnamese community groups
    • Small giveaways and promotions to increase engagement (quiz, activity contest) with projects in the ecosystem.
    • be active in different crypto community groups and talk about NEAR
  • Telegram news:

    • share the latest news and updates about NEAR
  • Twitter - Target 50,000 impressions:

    • Please note that our old X account @VietnamNear has been HACKED. We advise the general public to ignore any messages from this account. Please DO NOT send any money and/or any of the likes as requested from this account, also remind other related communities about it.
    • From now on, we start with https://twitter.com/VietnamNearDao
    • Update General crypto news to attract new audience attention.
    • Share daily the latest news and updates about NEAR in Vietnamese.
    • Giveaway/promotion
  • Videos on Tiktok - 4 videos - 4000 views / month

    • Explanation of new projects in the ecosystem, weekly news & updates, ecosystem updates, educational content about NEAR BOS and NEAR Horizon.
  • Invite users to use dApps:
    We will follow dapps listed on DappRadar and invite the community to use the dapp on NEAR. Promotion Via campaigns AMAs, mini contests.
    How will we track transactions?
    We will collect users .near addresses manually before the campaign and check the activity on Pikespeak.

2.3 Partnership:

We aim to reach 1 non-blockchain partnerships this month, and 2 online events afterward.

We will joins business, Tradfi event and discuss about a possible partnership.

2.4 Education and Dev activities:

  • Online events: LEARN to EARN Near/ Community Call/ AMA with project or non-blockchain community with 30 users per event.

  • Dev activities:

  • Writing technical document in Vietnamese

  • 2 online training event for 10-15 devs about NEAR blockchain technology updates.


Total costs for February: 4000$ according to the reached KPIs

Near Wallet ID: vietnamnearofficial.near
Name: Jack Tran
Telegram: @tutmt

Thank you for your support!


Hello Team,

Thanks for the great job. It’s really unfortunate that your Twitter was hacked. Hope, your current Twitter is performing well!

Everything looks great to me, would appreciate if we can onboard more users on Telegram.
I am happy to support Near Vietnam under Tier B for $4K for March 2024.

Good Luck.

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Thank you for providing the diagram, it’s really helpful.

Happy to support with 4k$ budget

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Thank you for your support

yeah. we will try to do our best.
Thanks a lot !!!

Hi @JackTran Happy to support Near Vietnam under Tier B. Keep up the good work.

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Hello Team
thank you for the offer in March, I have looked into your offer.
You did a great job in January, I am also happy to support you.

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