[INTRODUCTION] Meet Raiz Vertical Farms

Raiz is building the farms of the future.

We are growing local, tasty and healthy crops in a sustainable manner in the middle of the city. We believe in the power of decentralisation and technology to bring about change and progress. Merging the physical and digital world through blockchain is a natural progression of the current food supply chain.

Concept Vertical Farm to be launched at Arroz Estudios on Q4 2021

NEAR will allow us to integrate blockchain without taking a toll on the environment. As a Vertical Farming company, many doors are opened by leveraging the power of smart contracts, digital assets & a vibrant community.

The Purpose of our DAO:

Integrating vertical farming with decentralised economics, to modernise the agriculture industry and expand the access of green initiatives in the crypto space. Blockchain will allow us to develop an ecosystem of suppliers, stakeholders, partners & consumers, keeping traceability of our processes and products.

NFT: Hydroponics & digital assets

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) & Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a happy coincidence part of our ecosystem, the first one being a hydroponic technique we use and the latter a rising kind of digital asset that can be leveraged to provide value to investors & community.

  • Mint mint: We propose developing NFTs linked to the rare plant species we grow. As we develop new varieties and experiment with different crops, for example, a rare mint species, we plant to mint it through mintbase, creating a digital & unique version of a rare plant that can have multiple functionalities, such as, generating an income for the NFT hodler or having an impact by being linked to sustainability metrics.

Marketplace: A real ecosystem

  • Hydroponic systems: We’ll onboard hydroponic system providers to expand our growing operations and NEAR adoption.

  • Subscriptions: Our community will be able to acquire our produce and experiences with NEAR tokens.

    Yield Farming: A new way to harvest

  • Staking: Planning to stake part of the proceeds and the holdings of the DAO on the NEAR protocol in order to generate yield and increase value.

  • Yielding plants: The yield generated by staking NEAR, can be exchanged for a weekly or monthly supply of veggies, equivalent to the current market price of both assets/goods.

The crypto economics and staking dynamics have yet to be defined and will be a further step to be taken in this initiative.

Initial Team:


We look forward to hearing about new ideas to connect vertical farming with the NEAR protocol and digital networks. We are excited to be part of the ecosystem!


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Hey! This is Lucía, part of the Raiz team. Great to be here!! :raised_hands:
Looking forward to connecting :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey everyone! Excited to be here :herb: :seedling:


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Great to have the Raiz team here. :wave:t4:

Shout-out to Arroz for bringing in this first partner to the City Node @StevenR @TRosario
cc: @frnvpr @tabear


Hi I’m Aidan from Raiz!
Thanks for checking out our project
We’re nearly there! Great to be live, and we hope to bring you fresh clean greens asap