[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild August 3 projects pack with 16 youtubers

Hey Decentralised Union of NEAR would like to share with you Stars Guild plan for August month. We want to go with 16 youtubers that cost lower then 1k USD and made great results in past months, and few fresh ones to check out their audiance.

This month we want to give promo to 3 fresh projects from @zubairansari07 , @bdev and Anastasia that are built on NEAR. Here is the list with projects and Youtubers that will fit them perfectly:

Raiz Farm

Raiz Smart vertical farms allow for reductions in fertilizer use, water (up to 10 times), space (up to 95%), and total elimination of pesticide use.

Raiz Farms will be promoted by:

Crypto News

Really good results we had with BlueBit finance promo and costed just 450 USD. Team is great, always try to get most from project and i really enjoy working with them in long term.

In total youtuber has 10K subscribers, first video posted half year ago, in total has 16 videos with average view count of 10k views.

Crypto Gems

Jacob has 31K subscribers, first video posted one year ago, in total has 298 videos with average view count of 8k views and asking 350 USD for full review video.

Crypto Gorilla

*In total Crypto Gorilla has 39K subscribers, first video posted 1 year ago, in total has 137 videos with average view count of 5k views for review asks 300 USD.

Crypto Dasha

8k views on average past 50 videos, she did plenty crypto gaming project reviews and is attractive.

In total youtuber has 32.7K subscribers, first video posted Oct 7th, 2020, in total has 447 videos with average view count of 5.5k views asking just 200 USD.

Spin Finance

De-Fi trading platform. The on-chain order book solution offered by Spin provides a CEX-competitive experience to DeFi users.

They got their own token, so a fancy drop to make a givaway for bigger youtubers. And will be advertised by:

All About Crypto

Youtubers subscriber amount is hidden due privacy, still views are legit. First video launched on December of 2020, in total has 81 videos with average view count of 8k views asking for review 350 USD.

Hot Crypto News

Their past review for DEIP got almost 10k views. They ask for 650 USD

In total youtuber has 31k subscribers, Joined Youtube at 17 Jul 2020, in total has 441 videos with average view count of 7k views.

Crypto Plecho

In total youtuber has 52K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 106 videos with average view count of 9k views for 400 USD

Roman Pushka:

Not the first time working with him, tho, clear and organic with average 30k views and price of 650 USD

In total youtuber has 113K subscribers, Joined Youtube at Jul 26th, 2017, in total has 1410 videos with average view count from past 100 viedos of 30k views.

** World of the Abyss**

Game on NEAR World of the Abyss is a mobile MMORPG Universe.

Advertised by:

Crypto Gamers

In total youtuber has 27K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 168 videos with average view count of 11k views but looking at past videos think may get about 4-5k views asking just 200 USD.


In total youtuber has 84K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 161 videos with average view count of 18k views, but due last YT algo changes last videos get arount 5k views. Maybe bit pricy asking 650 USD, but really good montage and content. One of winners in Aurora video contest.

On Chain Gaming

In total youtuber has 130K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 275 videos with average view count of 25k views, but due changes in YT algo past videos got around 5k views on average. Jake asks for 600 USD per review after discount.


In total youtuber has 42.2K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 306 video with average view count of 7k views. Think that will get from his review atleast 5k views for 800 USD.


*In total youtuber has 8.5k subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 143 video with average view count of 3k views. Think that will get from his review more then 1k views for 200 USD. *


Fan of crypto gaming.

In total youtuber has 1.88K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 223 videos with average view count of 500 views for 100 USD


In total Pablo has 5.3K subscribers, first video posted 3 years ago, in total has 435 videos with average view count of 1.5k views asking just 200 USD.


In total youtuber has 3.26K subscribers, first video posted 11 months ago, in total has 124 video with average view count of 1500 views for 150 USD.

So in total for Youtubers are asked 6250 USD

For Agent bounties per 13 BIG youtuber videos (reduced till 100 USD per video) those are 1300 USD

I’ll take care of 6 small youtube sample video review managing for 300 USD (50 per video).

Administration costs for guild management.

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers, projects and agents together, crossworking with NEAR guilds. - 1000 USD for taking 30 hours per week and seeing youtubers at night dreams during sleep.

@Pug Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter https://twitter.com/NearStarsGuild and our Telegram news feed and tracks down NEAR product admins. As designer each month creates NFTs for cool givaways. Asking 500 USD for assistance.

Still valuing admin talents cheaper in total 1500 USD

Also we want Miracle to create fresh 3 intro videos for each project 100 USD per video, here was a previous sample 300 USD in total.

@Hsmoney and @boy.ivan will asist as agensts for youtubers.

Also want to ask NEAR Marketing DAO to cover up costs for https://www.modash.io service for a month Performance package costs $274 / month. Really useful soft.

  • About 40k youtubers can be found in crypto niche.
  • 300 emails can be harvested and sent proposal to advertise for NEAR. Youtube now limits daily email opens to 5 emails per day. So with push of a button can allocate most interesting ones.
  • Nice engagement view, saves a lot of time to identify ones that have remaining active audiance and onpage reports show if youtuber cheats with bots.
    A small tool, yet will save tons of time to onboard new influencers.

Total budgeting:

Youtubers - 6250 USD

Agent Managing Bounties for 16 videos - 1600 USD

Miracles promo videos - 300 USD

Guild administration costs - 1500 USD

Performance package from www.modash.io - 274 USD


Target wallet : starsguild.near

Wallet owner: Edgars Zunda

Past month contests went really well. So we will concentrate to continue those with NEAR projects that are listed.


  • We will make sure that #NEAR is in each video for greater SMM boost.
  • In description showed links to NEAR homepage, forum and social media channels.
  • Ask youtubers to give a shoutout to NEAR Forum or NEAR niche social media channels (if there are such) to squeeze most for visual, audio and engagement for viewers to join NEAR community.

@marketingdao-council if you got any recommendations, views that youtubers or NEAR projects should be changed or any other remarks, please let us know. Maybe i kept proposal again too laconic, so if any explanations needed, can describe certain points longer.


Hi. Thanks for supporting us with video production for next month. We are going to have new graphics in the game soon as well as NEAR wallet and in-game NFT-minting integration in August, would be very powerful to have reviews of the refreshed game graphics in general and new features. It’ help a lot to move on and growing NEAR community by attracting p2e players from other blockchains.

Good luck, Edgar!


Thanks @Zhunda & @Pug or your curating (one social good, one defi, one game) and supporting NEAR projects in particular, and NEAR ecosystem in general to reach more new users! :rocket:


we are up to another great marketing move for near protocol

leggo stars guild

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Thank you @Zhunda for choosing Spin!:handshake:

So far we have released first on-chain Perpetual Futures in NEAR ecosystem, and we are getting ready for mainnet release​:rocket:
In addition we have undergone security audit by BlockApex in July.

We are looking forward working with you and can’t wait to start the campaign and share more details about Spin. It’s pleasure to work with such experienced and professional team who help projects on NEAR to grow​:star:

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Wow, sounds like some cool updates to be mentoioned by youtubers. Let’s make August HOT!

HaiVu, your sympathy of my heart in NEAR community. :heart:
Thank you for feedbacks and activity in our guild.

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Steph, thanks for reply!
Mainnet release will be a great newsbreak for bigger launch.

Will ask you about BlockApex in TG, had in mind also to see costs of audit to choose.

Meow! :heart_eyes_cat:

Hey Edgar! I’m happy to support your proposal at this time, but I think we need to start work with top influencers who have over 500k + subscribers.

Thank you.


Hi Edgar,

I support this proposal. Notes and suggestions;

  • After a rough bear market and some internal changes within the NEAR ecosystem, not is not the time to take the time off the accelerator. We must maintain momentum leading up to NEARCON
  • Content is King. I suggest you and your team follow closely NEARWEEK newsletters with ecosystem updates AND the recent NEAR Bytes series - please encourage YouTubers to create content that:
  1. Makes people excited about NEAR. We have mindblowing technology, most people become passionate believers when they finally understand what we are building…
  2. Capture momentum and growth more excitement
  3. Highlight how these projects or features get us closer to 1 Billion people - how they are leveraging or can leverage NEAR unique UX to create best products.



Hey Edgar, hoping the additional content works out. The price points are fine. I haven’t used MoDash before but the price seems about right as well.

You have my support.

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Hey @marketingdao-council thank you for proposal approval :blush:

Already caught those. Not so much of those on the marketi, maybe by 3 of them we got response. Tho, will shere some in September proposal.

Hey @satojandro a great idea, yeah, ill ask every youtuber to make a shoutout about NEAR Con! Hope it will be also viewable online.

Thanks for content ideas, will need those, besides @Pug Yana gives me latest updates even before they are posted on NEAR Week ))

How would you feel if for upcoming months we would more concentrate on promoting NEAR in general by bigger youtubers? @marketingdao-council @Klint also drop your thoughts.

Thank you.
A primitive tool, yet cheap and has all needed functions to filter up.

Congratulations on approval @Zhunda :tada:

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Zubair, greatful for your compliments! :blush: XOXOXO

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