[UPDATE] NFTs @ RAIZ Vertical Farms

Hereby we gladly update the Lisbon City Node community of our initiative to mint our first NFTs!

With support from Createbase and Mintbase, we have launched a bounty proposal to onboard digital artist for the artwork development.

Digital art and PlaNFTs

Through the proposal, we aim to find great artists for us to develop Plant NFT (Planfts).

  • At this stage, we aim to create our first NFT , showcasing red and green basil plants through the different stages of their growth .

  • This NFT will be equivalent to plants grown across the lifetime value of our systems and will eventually represent sustainability metrics for each plant.

Proposal NFT Artist

Our vision in regards to Mintbase and NFTs

  • Each NFT will represent a space in the hydroponic system, which in turn becomes a positive impact on the environment thanks to the plants produced in it.

  • Our vision is that by launching this new kind of NFTs, we will allow the community & investors to own part of the farm and hodl or trade it as a commitment to sustainability.

  • In the future, we’ll develop NFTs with diverse functionalities such as generating revenue from future harvests and owning part of the hydroponic systems.

Our request

  • We requested 75 NEAR from Createbase to be used as bounty for the artists, to expand our partner/client ecosystem and to open our Mintbase store.

Upcoming initiatives

  • Giving a talk at NEARCON: Vertical farming in the Blockchain world.

  • Finalising the design of our flagship farm at Arroz Estudios and expanding our growing.

  • Onboarding our system providers & clients to the NEAR ecosystem.


This is looking awesome!

Looking forwards to see those NFTs coming to life. Feel free to post updates in here as well (regarding funding, minted NFTs, the Mintbase store etc) or simply link to the report once the project is done :slight_smile:


Great Initiative! Love this project and the way it interacts with the NEAR Ecosystem.

Also, I am for sure gonna be one of the adopters of the Yield/Staking system you are developing.

Keep posting updates we really want to see this project evolving. :grinning:


Glad to see those first talks at Arroz were productive :smiley: Great to see this project ‘grow’.


Hey @frnvpr !
Will never forget those days :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you very much for your time, you definitively helped make this possible :raised_hands:t3:


Thank you @tabear, will definitely do! :muscle:t4: