[REPORT] Createbase DAO September

Project Name: Createbase

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: 826.67N

DAO createbase.sputnikdao.near SputnikDAO

Updatet project timeline:

This month was a month of big changes for the Createbase DAO, as the two former facilitators @lenara and @talktoricardo stopped working there and I (@marianeu) took their place at the beginning of this month.

I’ve been very active on all our channels, learning a lot about the NEAR ecosystem and the Createbase community, answering all the questions I can and redirecting those I still can’t. It’s been very exciting :slight_smile:

This month I’ve gone through all the Posts in the Createbase category and added [closed] [approved] [discontinued] to all the bounties that were already finished, and went after those who were still open.

At the moment, there are three of the old bounties open:

Creating Guides [Bounty] Creating Createbase Guides - 25 USD in NEAR - #111 by marianeu

Reddit Moderation


I will be adding new Bounties this week and adding them beneath this post! The pending approved ideas are:

  • Sticker pack for Mintbase
  • Guide for selling NFT’s better (would be a guide but maybe own bounty?)
  • New bounty for video creation – vlog style talking about Mintbase and the possibilities on it (I would like to try to do that – but I don’t know if I can as I am part of Mintbase)
  • Searching for a community manager for the Vietnamese and the Spanish speaking community

We did not have Createbase community calls, but we implemented new ways of connecting with the community:

  • on Wednesday: we do alternate Twitter spaces and Instagram lives (at 5pm Lisbon time). That means we have biweekly twitter spaces and insta-lives. :slight_smile: It has been very interesting and purposeful, as the communities are very different. While Twitter is a more Blockchain native space, Instagram is a platform where many people have not had contact with Blockchain yet.
  • On Thursdays: we do AMA’s on our Discord channel. Also alternating every other week, we have the AMA for “normal people” and the AMA with and for developers who are creating on Mintbase code.

So we do have 8 opportunities every month for the community to be in contact with the Mintbase team!


We got our Wordpress plugin! Payout already happened. So stoked about this feature!

We had our first Instagram live with 40 people attending. We hope to see the number of participants growing.

Furthermore, we hosted Linkdrop on the Mintbase twitter. The tweet went viral (https://twitter.com/mintbase/status/1439970584788705283) and the Createbase community benefits directly from that - as we understand ourselves as the Mintbase Community.

To our metrics on Twitter @createbase1:

Just for the reader to compare to what @talktoricardo mentioned respective to the month of August:

  • Impressions: 46.200
  • New Followers: 86
  • Mentions: 143
  • Profile visits: 5.158

Proposals submitted this month - in consequence of the re-evaluation of the Notionboard with approved projects from the beginning of the year, when Mintbase was still on Testnet:

Now to what @talktoricardo had promised for the future outlook at point 4 of

  • Continued/improved support to current community members, including ongoing bounties and proposals, online events, going well

  • post-pandemic local meetups (Lisbon Node, Berlin Node), workshops in festivals and live/online events, etc. not yet, working on it

  • approaching/onboarding new artist/developer collectives – connect to existing art collectives, geographic/thematic communities, etc, potentially with specific bounties/grants. is happening at a slow pace this month, but I have been very active in my social circle here in Lisbon and worldwide talking to people and offering support to onboard. I think the next month will show the effects of that

  • Fostering new NFT use cases – Createbase would benefit from focusing on onboarding/funding new use cases, i.e. other products in digital creative economies (partnership with gaming studios, music labels, film studios, etc), ticketing (events), DeFi (integrating NFTs with yield-bearing products). yes, this is happening! We are constantly thinking about new use cases. One I am personally really excited about is: [INTRODUCTION] Meet Raiz Vertical Farms we had meetings with them and it’s looking very good.

  • Funding larger-scale proposals – Createbase has acquired considerable experience in evaluating and funding a large variety of NFT project proposals. Part of future development could include a specific focus on highly innovative projects with high-potential and larger scale, which help increase visibility of NFTs outside the crypto space. A first example of this is the current NewFoundTrees project, which aims at using NFTs to fund sustainable rewilding initiatives worldwide. yes, we are calling for people to present us their projects. Locally in Lisbon I am in contact with a strong community of trans persons, that do have a certain fanbase. There is also an institution which we are thinking of including. All in planning phase though.

  • Exchange and collaboration with other NEAR guilds and DAOs - The volume and diversity of NEAR guilds and DAOs have been increasing exponentially, and this brings both opportunities and challenges. In order to make the best use of time and resources, it would be essential to facilitate collaboration and coordination. Createbase can take advantage of its solid experience with multiple types of NFT-based projects and communities to make this happen, both by interacting with NEAR and CreativesDAO, as well as by proposing bounties and projects which foster collaboration (i.e. between different DAOs, between creators - artists/musicians/devs/writers, between existing and new use cases, etc). Honestly, I have been pretty focused on the Createbase DAO this month, and will be going into learning about the other Guilds next month. Very much looking forward to connect to more people

  • Education and awareness – We believe this could be a major focus area for Createbase in the future. Despite improvements in communication and usability, knowledge about blockchain and NFTs outside of the crypto space is largely superficial, as we could witness during the Wilde Möhren festival. This contrasts with the fact that the general public is often very curious about these topics and open to new information and learning, which presents both a need and an opportunity. Concrete initiatives may include further bounties for guides/articles, specific online courses/workshops, as well as on-site events and courses as part of hackathons and city nodes. Totally agree. We are working on educative content for Mintbase and Blockchain in general. On our instagram lives, we are doing things like the Blockchain 101. It has been quite an experience. We also incetive Guides to be created in the before mentioned bounty. We are thinking about a TikTok channel with very short, entertaining, simple videos to make people loose the fear and mistrust towards the whole cryptothing. :slight_smile:

That’s it for now. If @chloe or anyone else has any constructive criticisim to add, I’ll be glad to edit this post. It’s my first one in this sense so bear with me :slight_smile:

Over all I am super stoked to be part of this movement and really anxious to see how Createbase and Mintbase will evolve over the next month!