[CLOSED] EARTH DAY PARTY by Raiz Vertical Farms @ Arroz Estudios

Raiz April 22nd - Earth Day Party

We are thrilled to invite you to the first harvests at Raiz Vertical Farm, celebrating Earth Day!

As we celebrate our planet, we want to introduce your 5 senses to an innovative way of farming…

This is the reopening and our farm couldn’t be more excited to host you!

After cold months of careful maintenance and preparation, the sunny days are here. We are ready to welcome our friends, partners and the community at large again to enjoy a unique experience. We can’t wait to launch our new NFT collection and to grow our impact.

The program:

  • Welcome appetizers and pink lemonade
  • Vertical Farm Visits
  • Wallet opening & NFT claiming
    *Thoughts from the founders & ReFi content
  • Networking

Food & Drinks:

We will have cocktails and appetisers with ingredients straight from our farm:

Tasty bruschetta, hummus, and fresh leaves together with pink and blue basil lemonade for the people arriving.

We will portray our vertical farm as an example of how we can use resources consciously and responsibly. With it, we can grow a variety of plants providing healthy, fresh food for communities.

During these last months, the team worked hard to ensure that all the plants were in perfect condition.

Now, we are ready to share with you the result of this work. Raiz keeps developing activities, NFT collections and tokenomics to merge the physical and digital worlds!

With this in mind, we kindly ask the following budget support:

Wallet opening:


A Costureira:

Total: $440 USD in USDC or NEAR

Thank you,
The Raiz Team



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Hello team! Unfortunately, you won’t get your payment by 22nd. Too late.

Hi Emiliano, thanks for your proposal and congrats on reopening the farm.

Couple of questions;

  1. Would you be able to expand on what ‘wallet opening’ entails?
    I’d be really curious to explore how we can embed as much of the NEAR tech stack to create a better user experience - i.e. Keypom for flows that could include wallet generation, NFT drop, and even ticketing.

  2. Can you also tell us more about the NEAR branding on the day?
    Would like to learn more about the ways in which we can showcase NEAR as a sponsor/partner on the day.



Hi @emiliano.raiz thanks for your proposal. As a farmer IRL i have followed your project with interest. But considering the lack of lead time (your event is planned for tomorrow) and outstanding questions from fellow council, i am unable to support.
In the case of one off events it is important to present proposals well in advance to ensure success.

Hi @emiliano.raiz I also have followed your project with interest and included it in an article I wrote for NEARWEEK last year. That said, I agree that this proposal needed more lead time to review and approve. I am closing it for now as the event date has passed, but I encourage you to come back to the Marketing DAO in the future. It’s ideal if you can post a proposal at least 5 weeks before an event date. Thanks!