[Introduction] LENS DAO - "Yes, we cam!"

LENS DAO Statement

The LENS DAO is being founded by three art and tech oriented artists (two filmmakers and one painter) whos intention it is to bring artists and disciplines together by combining art forms in (motion) pictures. The idea is to have other DAOs interact with LENS in order to have important moments captured in a chosen visual format. Every DAO is therefore invited to commission the visual documentation of any kind to LENS. The three artists mentioned above are all extremely social, warm hearted individuals that are very much looking forward to cooperate with you!


The goal is to provide beauty, mainly in - but not limited to - film and photography (where applicable), approached from the following angles:

  • Colours / Colour palette / Colour grading
  • Composition
  • Contrast
  • Framing
  • Focus
  • Light
  • Capturing the best sound (focusing on ambience and voice)
  • Sound design
  • Inter-disciplinary works (for instance: Animation or stills combined with film, with graphic design, with a 3-D model etc.), the latter one rather being the mid- and long term goal

No matter the purpose, LENS’S overall goal remains providing cinematic beauty in all shots: be it a music video, an interview, an art film, a DJ set, a short film, a cut-together or anything else that involves or requires good looking footage and shall be offered on mintbase.io
as an NFT.


While filming we are planning to also relatively soon experiment with inviting other artists from related fields and mix techniques (slow motion and real time combined, masking out (aka “Matrix-Effect”), mixing film with animation, green screen, 3D models, light, smoke, stills (both pixels and curves) and alike), working with 3D Camera Motion trackers, etc.

  • Filming with a small crane and professional gimbals
  • Import and experiment with 3D models
  • Combine the above techniques with the use of a Green Screen (studio can be rented at 1/2 of usual market rate)
  • Connect all types of Visual and Sound Artists
  • And ultimately connect the “real / physical” world with VR in the long run.

In short our goal is: connecting visual and sound artists and become a high end content creation platform, where respective services can be commissioned.


Start a chat with us here on Telegram: Join Group Chat

From late April 2022 we will have more socials set up (Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, but intended to focus on output results first.)


Apart from the mixed visual arts above we’ll be offering concept, screenplay, storytelling and commissioning services, basically operating as an inter-disciplinary, creative visual hub across DAOs that aims to help producing visually appealing films, videos and photography (for everyones NFTs). As already mentioned above we will very soon be available on other platforms for a better contact.


@cosmiclobo: Tiago looks back on a decades-long history as an actor, model and in the past 6 years he started working as a filmmaker and photographer and developed his own brand called Tribe Films. Simultaneously his academic background in engineering and information management have been fundamental to develop the necessary tech skills to launch his new start-up that combines long term project monitoring and timelapse video creation, including 360º and VR technology. Currently he is developing AI and 3D modeling skills to integrate into his work.

@roadworks: A real lens addict since 1995, when - still being a teenager - he got his first mirror reflex camera. After a corporate career and the development of an multi-national clothing / gadget brand, where he was mainly working as a designer, photographer and filmmaker, Christopher is today running a film & photography studio (CAMCAT - Film Production) only 15 minutes from Lisbon’s very heart. He is also a passionate turntablist (aka DJ Road Works). Christopher has already produced numerous videos for a variety of DAOs (muti, Arroz Criativos, Graffiti DAO).

@tabear: A (not only) socially smart connector of art and tech and a super-talent in organising and bringing together artists from a variety of disciplines. Tabea brings in massive amounts of experience in building communities, setting up and developing DAOs (INA, muti, Arroz Criativos and now also LENS) and pushing any talent to new highs through motivation and collaboration. One of Tabea’s largest passions is painting.

To close off we allow ourselves to jump from the 3rd person to 1st person narrative and wish to let you know, that we are very much looking forward to shoot your next video / film or photos. Get in touch and let us know what you need! :smiley:


To whom it may concern, just giving an update on my position in the council.
I have moved from council to the advisor role, I believe both remaining council members @roadworks & @cosmiclobo have learned a lot and are now well integrated into the ecosystem.

I’m proud to see how the DAO has developed so far and am looking forward to seeing more amazing projects :purple_heart: