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Funding Scheme: Monthly, for May

Project: Social Media Management May - LENS DAO


Introduction [Introduction] LENS DAO - "Yes, we cam!"

Social Media Links of Contributors:

Tribe Films @cosmiclobo



Camcat @roadworks




Previous Marketing DAO proposals

N/A, first one to the Marketing Vertical

Previous Creatives DAO proposals

Creatives DAO proposal May

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The LENS DAO has been created at the end of March with the vision of supporting the ecosystem and especially creatives to produce more high-quality visual material. The DAO develops its own projects and is also more than happy to collaborate with other DAOs within the ecosystem to organize shoots and projects.

Both @roadworks & @cosmiclobo have been working with film / photography for a long time and have now joined forces to begin this project. We are currently in the process of setting up our social media channels (Twitter, IG, and Youtube) to create a portfolio and showcase the created work.

In the last month, we started to work on 2 visual projects, one in collaboration with muti DAO and one with a movement artist based in Lisbon (see last Creatives report linked above).

Previous to those works @roadworks has already been active in the NEAR ecosystem, you can find his NEAR related works here:

In collaboration with muti

In collaboration with Arroz Criativo

In collaboration with Garden collective

Previous Marketing/ Start-up / Branding experience:

LENS DAO is looking to create a professional social media setup to convey high-quality content, from June on our 4th council member ( will join 15th of May) will be taking over our social media channels to support. In order to do so, we would like to request support from the Marketing Vertical. As we are starting this in the middle of the month, we would like to request 300 USD to set up all 3 channels and promote the fist 2 videos which will be launched in May.

The current positions for the month of May are:


  • Appr. 10 retweets per month
  • Appr. 10 original posts per month about the ongoing projects and NEAR related issues


  • 9 original posts & stories per month (3 introduction; 3 dancer videoshoot, 3 Tourorists, 3 Falmon)


  • Upload of 2 videos of the finished videos


  • Sharing collaboration projects and opportunities
  • Posting updates of the DAO
  • Onboarding & welcoming members
  • Getting more community members in

Visual Content Creation:

  • Creating the visual content for all platforms
  • Tool “Envato Elements” to create the visuals


  • Google Ads/ IG boosts


As this project is at its beginning but with already several collaborations and previous works, we are aiming for creating a first strong visual appearance, connect with the other creative DAOs on NEAR and to start in June with a fully developed visual identity and marketing strategy.


NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: lensdao.near / KYC through @roadworks.near

Thank you for your attention!


Hi @roadworks thanks for your proposal. Happy to approve


Happy to approve. Have a great day.

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Hello @marketingdao-council, may we ask for more opionions, please? Huge thanks and a great weekend to everyone!

Thanks for your proposal,

Given the relatively low amount being requested, all the examples previous work and collaboration with other projects in the ecosystem, I am also happy to approve this proposal.