[PROPOSAL] Epic Music Video Shoot for Smoked Falmon

SMOKED FALMON - Music Video Shoot for ”CONTINUA”


Aiming at an audience that values complexity in both sound and vision we are planning to shoot a sophisticated music video in which the protagonist (Smoked Falmon) will not only be levitating / flying through the mystic valley of an abandoned prison ruin, but also will he be rotating slowly, while singing and playing his guitar. These two effects (levitation + rotation) combined have the goal to emphasise the intelligent and dramatic development of the track but also offer the audience a visual base that matches what they hear with what they watch.

The project is relatively complex and requires very good planning, including a precise screenplay and the cooperation with another DAO. The team of LENS DAO will be carrying out the technical side of the shoot, while MUTI DAO will be handling the support for artists, logistics, catering and some technical issues (belaying, safety, electricity on the spot etc.)

Depending on the weather conditions (we can’t shoot during rain) we might have to spread the project over two months, but ideally it’s supposed to be finalised before mid-May 2022. The final result will (apart from the regular platforms) be presented in the Metaverse and offered as an NFT. It will showcase the work of at least four artists (Smoked Falmon, Daphne, Carolina and Christopher).


  1. We are seeing a valley with an abandoned building. The musician is approaching from outside, as if he knew the area. He stops on the top of a wall. Shortly after that he starts playing his guitar, which causes him to start levitating. He will be flying in a rotational movement to two of the numerous rooms within that ruin compound, the first of which is a bunker filled with water.

  1. He will be flying into the bunker and will start singing once he has become “in the zone” with the bunker, a both peaceful and frightening place at the same time. He will be wearing an “invisible” harness and rapelled from the ceiling, belayed by one team member. The rope will be secured twice at the top (2-way safety measures).
  2. After some time in the bunker our hero will be leaving it to continue his levitating journey to the next room within the same ruins. He will be visiting a painting artist (Daphne). Around her many other works of another artist (Carolina) are hanging on the walls. We will never know nor learn if they know each other, as the Falmon will be levitating around the artwork and she will be focusing on painting. He is always playing his guitar and singing throughout the entire performance.

  1. Once he is ”done” with his visit, he will again leave, but this time to fly his way up and away from the ruins, through an aesthetically beautiful part of the Costa de Caparica elevation that might easily be mistaken for some land in the African prairie, the only difference being the ocean at the end of the horizon and massive amounts of greenery. He continues to fly a bit higher, then towards the sunset until he finally fully disappears.

Each of the above parts will roughly correspond with 1-2 minutes of the soundtrack.


Throughout the video shoot we will have 90% of the scenes planned and 10% improvised (to have a wider range of shots to experiment with). The technology will be a mix of physical presence shots in the abandoned prison area and an entire day inside a studio equipped with a green screen. The latter one will be used to shoot the more complex scenes, that can’t be achieved with the use of a rope outdoors.

We will be shooting with a 6K cinema camera, a professional gimbal, an 8ft camera crane and a 4K drone. Shooting the video is estimated to take 2.5 - 3 days in total, thereafter the editing and post production will start:
DAY 1: installation of scaffolding in bunker and fishing dirt out of the bunker water, drilling and installing metal ropes for artwork frame in room 2, shoot of “sunset flight”

DAY 2: preparations (install safety rope + assisting ropes for top light, install lights in the bottom part of the bunker to make the water inside the bunker glow) + shooting in the valley and prison ruins, bunker (room 1, painting room (room 2) and green screen scenes in the valley to have identical light conditions in as many scenes as possible.

DAY 3: studio shoot, mainly with green screen, imitating all rotational motion that is supposed to match with the footage of the day before.

DAY 4 - 11: Most of the time is planned to be used for the post production, which - apart from editing - will require lots of masking, rotoscoping, matching real life shots with green screen shots, colour grading and alike.


falmon.near (SmokedFalmon, main character, performing musician)
Dafdn.near (Daphne, paintress)
Ted.iv (Eddie, belaying assistant), alternatively Philip or Edan
Roadworks (Christopher, videography director)
cosmiclobo.near (Tiago, Image & light assistant)
rainerzufall.near (Philipp, runner + catering)


Since it is a cooperation between the muti DAO and LENS DAO, muti will be covering the expenditures on the performing artists’ / musician’s side and their logistics (in May) and LENS will request funds for the film production only:

150 USD for cosmiclobo.near (1.5 days of image and light assistance) - PAID
100 USD to rainerzufall.near (for safety and belaying) - 7.89N PAID
100 USD to rainerzufall.near (for catering, running, transportation / logistics) - 7.89N PAID
600 USD to roadworks.near (for screenplay, 3 days of directing and shooting) - 47.34N (PAID by muti DAO)
150 USD to roadworks.near (for lights, camera, green screen + studio rent) - 11.835N (PAID by muti DAO)
800 USD to roadworks.near (for 7 days of post production, software, effects) - 63.12N PAID
250 USD dafdn.near (visual artist; material costs & work) - 19.725N PAID
900 USD smokedfalmon (artist; transport & work) - 71.01N PAID
200 USD carolina (visual artist; material) - 15.78N (no wallet yet) PAID
100 USD BUFFER (to cover unexpected costs?/ props) - 7.89N (7.3N PAID for hardware installation and catering on 2nd day of shoot)
TOTAL: 3550 USD / 280.41N (2800 USD / 221.17N thereof to be covered by LENS’ April budget and 750 USD / 59.24N by muti DAO in the month of May)

The introduction of our DAO can be seen here.


Yeeeeah looking forward to that! muti is more than happy to support this project and will include it in the May proposal :rocket:

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So far we have visited the location a couple times during different times of the day to check out the structure, to take the measurements, study light conditions on the spot, check requirements for additional (artificial) lighting and took notes of what is needed for the final days of shooting.

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All outdoor scenes are now filmed. Unfortunately we had to postpone several times due to a very rainy April (surprise, surprise…). We are now focusing on filming the green screen scenes and and mounting it together. A short “behind the scenes” will follow and be posted here in a week or so.

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Green screen filming on 21st of May was semi-successful: as we needed day light for light repetition reasons (equal light to match in scenes), we had to set up the green screen outdoors, which was a hardcore challenge: not only was the green screen cloth blown away several times - and we had to re-tape it - also the drone (for all shots from above) was pushed away by the wind. Some of the scenes have therefore to be repeated on Friday, 27th May. But all in all we’re super close to having all scenes filmed and ready for the editing process to start.

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Hello world!

Last shots have finally been carried out on the 30th May (postponed several times due to bad weather). The footage material is now going into the editing phase. Here’s a little sneak of the works that have been carried out throughout the past month:

Smoked Falmon - Continua (BEHIND THE SCENES)