[PROPOSAL] Logo and Brand Kit for LENS DAO

(Important Note: The open call only starts once we have the monthly budget from the Creatives DAO confirmed. We will update the post incl. deadlines once this has been done.)

LENS DAO is looking for a logo and a brand kit that goes along with the DAOs goals and visions.

LENS consists of CAMCAT.pt & Tribe Films who have joined forces to create high-quality footage (video & photography) of creative and NEAR-funded/related projects.

We are now looking for a designer who will create a logo for the DAO as well as a brand kit (including font and color scheme) which will be used on all our channels.

The logo and kit should be solid, modern, not too playful and ideally (but not a must) convey what we work with (camera, film, photography).

Primary font: Montserrat (either thin, medium or bold)
Secondary font: Gothic League

We’re offering the amount of 400 nDAI (appr. 400 USD / 370 EUR).

We are based in Lisbon, Portugal. To get a better idea of what we have been doing so far, have a look here & check out our forum introduction:

If you’re interested please leave a link to your portfolio under this post or send design suggestions directly to: lensmotionpics@gmail.com & don’t forget to join our TG channel for better communication.

Looking forward to seeing all the new designs flying in!


hello there! to reach more people you may want to use some tags on your title i.e. Creatives, Community, xxx Dao etc

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Oh, that’s right. Totally forgot, but will edit in a minute. Thanks for the reminder! <3

I’ll hop on this project and work on 3 samples for review. Attach is a link to my works (been lazy to update it for a while now​:man_facepalming:)

Hello, hello, LENS DAO.

Happy to get involved in the project as a designer.
Also based in Lisbon, with 6+ years experience in design, specializing in logo & brand manuals.
Link to my portfolio is here.


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I will be glad to cooperate
below is a link to my portfolio