[INTRODUCTION] HOC | Hub de Oficinas Comunitárias

Logo HOC

HOC | Hub de Oficinas Comunitárias, or Community Workshops Hub in English, is a portuguese based initiative that completed it’s idealization during LISBON HACK NODE and we’re really thrilled with the sea of possibilities that this young Open Web collaborative environment can create.

HOC’s objective is to be an aggregator and disseminator of knowledge and good practices; a bridge of dialogue and community building; a vehicle for the empowering force of Open Web to reach organizations, collectives, community leaders, creatives and enthusiasts in general; and of leveraging resilience of local NGOs, whose focus is on the most vulnerable groups in our society.

Core values

  • Continuous learning
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Digital and Social Inclusion
  • Collaboration and active listening
  • Open Web Advocacy
  • Foster an approach of sustainable, transparent and collaborative spirit aimed at social impact


  • Digital and Organizational Acceleration
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Education and Training
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Researching, Creating and Translating Documentation (English-Portuguese)
  • Graphic Design and Animation
  • Event Production
  • Community Facilitation
  • Institutional and Intercultural Mediation

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Wallet for the Project


Council / Team members

Paris Inocêncio: parisinocencio.near

Born in Lisbon in ‘89, Almada based, has a degree in Information Management from IMS-UNL and a Certification of Pedagogical Skills (CCP-PT).

Most of his professional life has been divided between Community Work and Data Analysis for Cretcheu’s Migrant Support Gabinet and Cultural Events Production, specially with Gruta and Rádio Ophelia.

António Alves (@AAlves): antonioalves.near

Generation Y ('89), Caxias based, Gamer and Learning Fanatic with a degree in Design from IADE.

Professional background:

  • Graphic Design and Animation for EMPORDEF - Tecnologias de Informação, S.A.
  • Freelancer as a Graphic Designer

Projects in Development

MK 2.0 - Democracia Digital no Monte de Caparica

Project constructed with “Centro Social Paroquial de Cristo Rei” approved and financed by the Portuguese State’s Bairros Saudáveis program that aims to:

  • Create a Digital Civic Center
  • Create a good digital presence
  • Promote social and digital inclusion
  • Respond to the civic and regularization needs of migrants
  • Provide the local population with civic knowledge
  • Encourage healthy and participative community living habits

Link: Jornal dos Bairros Saudáveis : Projetos : MK 2.0 - Democracia Digital no Monte Kapta

CSP Cristo Rei it’s a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS) based in Monte de Caparica, Almada. Founded in 1986, it’s main goal is to give support to the local community, whose population presents some serious socio-economic problems. At this moment, this Organisation is divided in three main departments: Youth Work, Pedagogical and Social.

Impact Boost

Project constructed for “Cretcheu, Associação Caboverdeana de Almada” which aims to boost its Digital and Organizational Acceleration through the use of free online tools and a good online presence, thus increasing the recognition of its impact to their community and partners.

Dashboard (PT): Serviço de Apoio ao Imigrante

Infographic (PT): Infographic | Migrant Support Service | 1st Semester results.pdf - Google Drive

Founded in June 1974, Cretcheu is a non-profit civil society entity with proven experience as an agent of sociocultural mediation in Almada, whose work is divided into two pillars, Cultural and Social (“Migrant Support Cabinet” + “Cape Verde’s Evacuated Patients Support Unit”).

1st Phase Roadmap

  • Set Up Shop:
    • Launch HOC DAO
    • Create a visual identity
    • Create and manage HOC’s online presence
    • Create HOC’s ToolBox
    • Collect and translate NEAR documentation
    • Learn, learn and learn!
  • Create informative and learning content
  • Reach out to communities, institucions, organizations, collectives and people of interest
  • Organise an NEAR x HOC event in Almada:
    • What: A seminar about Open Web, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, DAOs, NEAR Protocol and Community-Driven Innovation
    • Where: Pátio das Artes, Almada / FB:
    • When: TBA
    • Why: A great opportunity to reach out to Collectives, Organizations and People of Interest from the South Side of the river
    • How: In-person and online event in co-production with Gruta and Rádio Ophelia. Activities: Presentations with Guest Speakers; Talks; Group Dynamics; a Demo; Onboarding Activities and Networking

Ideas for collaboration with the NEAR Ecosystem

  • Working together with local communities for innovation purposes using NEAR Protocol
  • Creating events to spread Open Web and Community-Driven Innovation
  • Reporting for Lisbon City Node
  • Guide Creation for the Community
  • Onboarding Collectives, Projects, Institutions and People of Interest
  • Creating and Translating Documentation
  • Workshops from HOC - Learning by DIY
  • Training for HOC - Getting the tools in Web 3.0
  • Budgeting Counseling for Community Projects and Ideas
  • Prototyping, Testing and Approving ideas

Lastly we would like to give a big shout to @TRosario for all his support and guidance.

See ya around :grinning:


Welcome! Very cool structure and introduction, thanks for the post @parisinocencio.

It would be really cool to try and have a few workshops/onboarding sessions in the Lisbon area on how to deploy Web 3.0 innovation tools and their Use Cases. In this perspective I speak for myself also, because there’s so much to learn still.


We’re on the same page. Time to roll up our sleeves!! :muscle:t4: :muscle:t4: :muscle:t4:


Good day! Please tell us, taking into account the openness and transparency of the protocol, what was done at the end of the year? Why isn’t the Twitter link working? where can i see your sleeves rolled up work?

Hi @NearCommunity,

Thank you so very much for showing interest in our project and most of all for noticing the problem with the Twitter link :pray:t3:. Gonna fix it right now but please feel free to check us out here

In terms of the work that HOC was been doing after the month of [October] ([RETROSPECTIVE] HOC Team's month of October), we’re planning in making a Quarterly Report to show our progression through out the months of OCT, NOV and DEC by the second week January hopefully.

This is mainly motived by the fact that the lack of time do to our team current jobs and some bad luck in the mix. You how it can be in the end of the year hassle with reports and other time constraints :confused:

But I think it’s ok to share some small details right now:

  • Official start of the the MK 2.0 project :tada:
  • Had several talks with some Portugal based collectives/projects within the NEAR Ecosystem about the legal process of recognizing DAOs as a viable and legal framework :eyes:
  • Represented Cretcheu at a meeting with ONU’s Working Group of Experts on People of African Descendents Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council :balance_scale:
  • Reporting for Cretcheu and MK 2.0 :clipboard:
  • And last but lot least Learning, Learning and some more Learning :man_technologist:t4:

We at HOC wish you a happy new year :partying_face:

See you around


Thanks for the quick response! I carefully familiarize yourself with all your activities, I am very interested and informative it will be! Happy New Year to you!
Sincerely, Igor
:partying_face: :v: