[INTEGRATIONS] New projects approaching the Lisbon City Node #2 [22-09-2021]

Following up this #2 brief Integrations summary on the projects that have approached us during the Hackathon, they will be transfered in attention, ideation and comprehensive integration to the Lisbon City Node.

More information and hack ideas on each project on this post:


1. CAN – Community Association Network

We had this we had the idea to create an open-source Community Association Network dApp that specializes in delivering experience and facilitating communication between Associations and collectives within themselves. Creating funds, markets, services and giving sustainability and progress with the tools each one of these legal institutions have.

Click here for a draft diagram about the idea for the project.

  • Next steps: More ideation, planning, team creation and project roadmap, making proposals on GOV forum to begin this project, searching for alternatives in the already created and Open-Source dApps.

2. DINNEAR – Meal Card Network of Restaurants and Food Services

Food being a primary need in our everyday lives, creating a food service network of restaurants that accept payments with NEAR would work wonders for a real Use Case. There are a lot of companies that give part of their food payments for employees in Meal Cards.

Connecting this idea to Staking could improve these types of payments, and even develop a social food service.

  • Next steps: Still a draft idea, more ideation, planning, legality and Blockchain technologic know how is need to start to build this project.

3. Garden Collective – Irish creative collective now based in Portugal.

They already made their introduction in the Lisbon City Node, so I leave you to read it, leaving you with better idea about the project.

  • Next steps: Meetings will be made to try and connect with their project and onboard them with technologies that NEAR Protocol as to offer and blockchain technology.

4. Almáfia – Youth Skaters Collective
Facebook / Instagram / Youtube
Wallet: almafia.near

A collective created in Almada for the community of the skaters in the city, with the purpose of creating a platform help to spread their skaters work and attitude. Running nonprofit, they create skating spots around the city and use filming, photography and media content has one their strengths.

  • Next steps: Maintaining contact and introduce to the NEAR Ecosystem in the next meetings, Presentation on the Forum, try and achieve ways to connect this really physical project with the technology and giving tools of sustainability since it’s a totally non-profit project for the youth and culture.

5. Trafka – Record Label, Music Studio, Events Producer
Instagram / Facebook
Wallet: trafka.near

Trafka is a Music/Studio collective from Lisbon, that deals with different perspectives of more underground soundscapes and genres. Consistently trying to show more darker sounds and moods, it runs parties with their own collective DJs, Live Acts, Bands, Visuals and specific community. They encompass a strong visual identity and what to grow in that sense.

  • Next steps: Maintaining contact and introduce to the NEAR Ecosystem in the next meetings, Presentation on the Forum.


Presentations or Ideation on all of this projects should be done soon on the forum. I will follow up for more news. Any ideas to approach this collectives please shout away!


So nice to see all this people interested in Near and the Lx City Node, les go!