True Story : Behind A True Success from Near Protocol

Greetings NEAR Community,

Good Day Near Fam, I am here to share my “True Story” Behind true success that i achieve from the help of Near Protocol.

As you remember i made an Introduction about my self knowing how i get involve in Near Protocol Ecosystem started in Near Protocol Telegram Groups then meet the Near meme daily group and also being invited here in gov forum site by sir David, thanks to him I’ve explore different bounties around gov forum and for that i earn a lot by joining bounties and different activities held in Near Ecosystem.

The last time i featured in Atocha Protocol my parents house.

The contest is about most treasure and this treasure that i have is my parents home. The reason that i’m eager to help them is because the house was really badly old and broken, also the iron roof that served as a shelter has holes in it, when it rains we get wet so we hang a small bucket to stop the dripping from the roof.

Being a single parents is not so easy, i live in my parents house and raise my only daughter. As i work in Travel Agency before being a Liaison Officer, despite that my salary would not be enough. I met different online investment and for that my name being involve in scammed projects that i joined. Despite from all tragedy in crypto ecosystem i never give up. I still believe that there’s a company in crypto ecosystem that helps people. Then from the moment i enter Near Ecosystem, i learned that this is not just a projects that will let you earned by investing but also they help you improved your talents.

As i stayed and become active in near community group, i become more dedicated. I learn that staying and focusing being part of it will earn me benefits to help my family in small process of achievement. I started to become a self taught digital artist and join different groups and different activities, like contest and bounties around near ecosystem.

After from time to time i began to learn the cycle of near ecosystem projects. Different projects building and observing to different community. As i stayed and being active , this give me chance to be part one of the projects in Near Protocol and that is Near meme daily groups that helps you earn Near by creating memes around different projects topics. And for that thanks to sir Dacha and sir David for still supporting NMD in gov forum they lead us continue this projects. Soon the community grows and i get the chance to be part of NMD holding my own group Philippines Near Meme daily group. Telegram: Contact @memedaily_ph

From that moment i was glad being an admin in my community and for this it give me chances to earn another income. I said that if this thing continue i can help my parents renovate their house. Soon different job offers i receive, i became part of Near NFT Club team as a moderators and regional community handling Philippines Community and Gaming group. As i receive good earnings from my work and from the bounties i also joined, i manage to keep money save for my parents house renovation. Despites from all the hard work i made, its always be challenging and for some reason destiny always testing you from all your hardworkship. After hearing NNC was been rejected for our funds request, i thought this could be the end of my dreams.

We didn’t receive payment from June and July and at that moment were facing in bear market state. But even so i didn’t get paid in NNC club for the past two month, i didn’t stop believing, didn’t stop working, didn’t give up for my dreams to help my parents, instead i continue to work. Continue to dreams and continue to achieve my purposed desired helping my parents dreams.

From this start i make it slowly slowly, keep my money receive from my different job that i work in different groups also. Since rainy season is about to start in my country, this august i decided to start renovate the house knowing that my budget will not be sure to be enough.

From day 1 to day 4 building process. I know that its not gonna be easy and for that my budget also running out. I even help them, me and my parents fix the house knowing that we can’t afford to pay another person that will continue to do the rest of hard work.

After from all the hard work of process, i can see now my parents house being fix slowly, a comfortable enough to have a safe shelter. New iron roof and new build wood and blocks wall. If the rains come, no more dripping holes, no more hanging buckets. We also added new rooms on the top of the roof, the one that served as a small room for me and my daughter.

Finally at the end of my story behind of true success in Near Protocol i added pictures from my parents house “Before and After”.



This precious success that i achieved is not just really a small success that people’s think. For me this is the biggest success that i have achieved despite my perseverance to stay and cultivate myself in the Near Protocol Ecosystem and I believe I am not the only person who has experience small or big success in the entire Near Ecosystem. I believe that many people have been helped by this, many have experienced great success in their lives and if we can share their experience with the whole world. I believe Near Protocol is not just for you to build a project but for them to help other peoples too.

And this is my story behind true success that i achieved in Near Protocol. Im really thankful for the people who helped me grow specially sir @naveen_in and crew , sir @Dacha for keep supporting our guild and sir @David_NEAR near for bringing me here also for your always supporting NMD community. :pray: :innocent:

Thank you Near Protocol team society and i’m thankful from all the projects that being build here in Near Ecosystem.


This is such a motivational story for the person like me…:innocent:

I really appreciate your hard work and the dedication, which you shows behind to full fill your dreams and never let it be down…:bouquet:

I am very glad that I worked with the team member like you, who is always strive to achive their nightmares…:blush:


Thank you sir @Chandresh_Patel for all the help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am smiling while reading this. I am glad to know about your success and I know this is just the beginning. Congratulations!

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Congratulations @ImJami2017 , Thanks for being an active NEAR community member :tada::green_heart:

NEAR has changed lives of many in several ways and it’s quite overwhelming to read such stories :grinning:

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I got some goosebumps while reading this story. You are a true believer and a hard worker, more success will come your way as you continue to be dedicated. Near Protocol is a breakthrough for many, it’s not just a Blockchain.


You’re a brave person.


Much love dear, may God bless your family! :heart:

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The level of dedication and commitment you give to your work makes you an outstanding performer and stronger competent. God bless you all. :pray: