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Greetings Sisters,

I am Jami2017 and you can check my Bio Profile here :point_right: [INTRODUCTION] About my self and being in NEAR ECOSYSTEM a little know about my self and history of works experience in different country’s also in different group in NEAR ECOSYSTEM.

My proposal to this projects of INA Supports your Super Power 2 is :

[INTRODUCTION] "A Women Symbolic"

Its a projects calls that represents Women Impowering. We re create and produced using our ability to showcase our talent using our strength and creation, creativity and imagination.
We called AWS (A Women Symbolic) because we symbolize Strength and Productivity, we have diligence and effortless.

What’s our goal?
To help many women and single parents showcasing their talents and productivity in order to have a sustain financial.

What’s the projects benefits?
As the projects name’s called AWS, our goal is to have sustain financials and for this we can help many women who has a talent of creation and can be benifits their financial problem.

A little know about our projects plans and high-lights for the projects that we will plan to proposed. We intended to produced and documented Arts Crafts our main topic for the projects of AWS (A Women Symbolic) under INA Dao Our Guidance from team of visual artist @GeminiRising @klarakopi @BeluEspina .

What is Arts Craft

Arts Craft is the skills of making objects for decoration and practical uses by our hands. We knows that Arts and Crafts is also our hobby to create things that’s describe as an art and give expressions to every body.
Some crafts (art skills) have been practiced since prehistoric times, others are more recent inventions. William Morris, John Ruskin and others promoted an “arts and crafts” movement in the late 19th century, which popularized the phrase.

What is the value of Arts

The arts stimulate learning and improve overall academic performance. There is a powerful relationship between knowledge of the arts and success in scientific endeavors. The arts teach important skills that prepare the whole person for college and later life.

What is the value of Crafts

Understanding how something is made, why it’s made that way, is more vital to modern life than ever. Craft is a language of material, provenance and making. It is learning the value of things. Sure, handmade, well-made things aren’t cheap but their value isn’t solely monetary.

How is arts and crafts beneficial?

It Helps Boost Your Self-Esteem
The knowledge that we can create, innovate, think creatively, and make something beautiful can help us feel a sense of accomplishment. This way, engaging in arts and crafts can help boost morale and confidence, which are beneficial emotions when dealing with stress and challenges.

Sample of Arts Crafts i Created Before



  • As this projects, i decided to bring my 2 friends in this field for creating Arts & Crafts for AWS projects. 1 photographer assistant and 1 labor for making a stall.


  • Our theme is to create different kinds of Arts from junk materials that can be collected in trash. We will create 10 different Arts and Crafts from different materials and different Handmade Accessories.
    - After creating Arts & Crafts ,It will mint this picture as an NFT and sell it online too. I’m thinking also to have a stall and sell it on people if they like our products creation.


• $250 Rewards for those who creates Arts Crafts with us along with my 2 friends.
• $50 for Photographer Assistance for our projects documentation.
• $150 for Arts Crafts Material, Decoration and Tools
• $100 for Stall Equipment and labor payment.

Total of $550


• Brainstorming Arts Crafts Design : 1 day
• Creation of Arts Crafts estimated : 3 to 4 days production.
• Stall Creation : 1 day

It will be total of 5 days working out our projects plans to create and every single day we will documented and records the plan and progress of our projects by the photographer. I can also published for every progressive we create daily under INA Dao projects proposal if the projects successfully approved. The projects plan starts to Aug. 13 until Aug. 17 for the completion of our documentary projects.


Good luck to you @ImJami2017, I wish your project gets an ultimate success with in a very short time of period.

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Thank you sir @Chandresh_Patel :sweat_smile::hugs:

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Your always win in my heart :hugs:

Thank you for supporting :raised_hands::hugs:

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Best of luck @ImJami2017 :hugs: Sounds Great Initiative to Empower Creators and have a self sustainable model for future :smiley: Nice Idea of Recycling Things and doing things Eco friendly :sparkles::heart:

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Good luck for the creative idea @ImJami2017 :innocent::sparkles:

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Thank you sir @Kv9990 :hugs: Hope it will success​:sweat_smile:

Thank you sir @zubairansari07 :star_struck::hugs:

Good luck mama Jami
I hope it’s was successful

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Thank you for supporting :hugs:


It’s a nice idea I hope you always win… but I think you should create a kind of session to train and educate fellow women on how to achieve this it’s gonna be helpful to the community … and should be a collective effort to achieve it…

Thanks sir for suggestion ,. I also thnking of that for the next future for women new onboard in our team, A lesson and a live teaching livelihood using eco friendly recycling products made by hand . But if the projects been approved, until now its just a proposal of 50/50 :sweat_smile: .


Since my proposal is not been choosen by @ina-dao im gonna closed now this proposal. Thank you for the people who support and give feedbacks. :hugs: