Introducing NEAR Product Shapers Guild

Guild Name: NEAR Product Shapers Guild

Guild Leader: @mayur

Guild DAO: coming soon

Links: | Discord

Mission and Vision

The NEAR ecosystem is booming. New projects are showing up every day and more internal-facing services are starting to appear in the ecosystem to help teams like Marketing, Design, Development and more.

Despite a healthy ecosystem, one of the issues projects frequently face in building their idea is “shaping” it into something more concrete so that Development and Design teams can quickly get up to speed and execute. The better “shaped” a project, the faster products can get to market and succeed.

The second issue is scarce resources. At the moment, development teams are spending excessive time with stakeholders to understand and build their roadmap, product hypothesis and so on. Development teams don’t want to take this responsibility on and would prefer to focus on their core skills: engineering. In traditional software organizations, Product Managers, working with stakeholders and Designers, own this area of work.

NEAR Product Shapers Guild has been built to provide PSAAS (Product-shaping-as-a-service) and PMAAS (Product-Management-as-a-service). For example:

  • Product Shaping (one-pagers, story writing, product strategy, ecosystem launch assistance)
  • Product Research services (user research, market research)
  • Product Design services (wireframes, low-fi and high-fi mockups, customer research, surveys and more)
  • Product Management services (ongoing roadmap and feature development and prioritization)
  • Ecosystem guidance to help stakeholders navigate the NEAR ecosystem to launch their project or product by partnering with Development teams like INC4 and others

Who is the guild intended for?

The guild is for

  1. Stakeholders that want to develop and bring a new project to the NEAR ecosystem but haven’t shaped it well enough yet for developers or designers to get involved
  2. Development teams that want stakeholders to “shape” their product or project in more detail
  3. Already launched projects that need help navigating their backlog or feature pipeline

The value that NEAR Product Shapers Guild delivers

At present, when a stakeholder has “an idea” that could help the NEAR ecosystem, there are many steps they have to take to achieve success. “Time to market” can be significantly reduced by helping stakeholders with “product management and shaping services”. This doesn’t just reduce “time to market”. It also increases project success by helping stakeholders with “product market” fit.

What is

A little back story. I’m a 25+ year veteran of the tech industry and have worked next to Engineering and startups my entire career - including as a Product Manager. In early 2020, I started - hoping to match new and aspiring PMs with startups. I posted on FB and the post went viral - I got 200 messages the next morning and built a PM community of 500+ in under a week. The project was abandoned due to COVID but now I see a new possibility with NEAR. As I’m now an Entrepreneur in Residence with NEAR I realize that can help NEAR ecosystem projects achieve greater success by providing product shaping and management services.

Next Steps

I have already had a chat with @Primaveralina from INC4 guild as I was reaching out to Development teams. We had a very productive and positive chat. There seems to be need for this guild to exist to reduce the burden on Development teams. Despite that, I will be surveying the ecosystem and continuing to build relationships with stakeholders to understand their challenges in product building and execution. I will also be meeting with JC later today to discuss guilds and get further guidance.

Are you looking for Designers or Product Managers?

Definitely! Please get in touch with me directly or join the Discord

Can I join this guild?

Definitely! Please get in touch with me directly or join the Discord

How to make contact

Join our Discord, send me a DM here, or leave a comment. My Discord is Mayur#0001 and email is


Hey, @Mayur. First things first. Congratulations on the launch of the NEAR Product Shapers Guild.

For one, I’m really excited that a guild like this is coming into play. What would be even more interesting is seeing the NPSG collaborating with Silicon Craftsmen and other guilds in the community.

Congratulations once again :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

PS: Is the guild’s community onboarding closed? If open, please add a link to TG channel or Discord server in OP :wink:


Me too! I just sent a message in their Telegram and know of them. I think they were promising a Discord server, but haven’t seen it yet.

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Nope! I haven’t even created a Discord yet. I will create it today and update the OP. Thanks @simeon4real!

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Discord has been created. Visit NEAR Product Shapers Guild

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Welcome to our Community!!! :rocket:
I am very happy to read this post and learn about your ideas.

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Hi @Mayur, I am Harshit from the Community Team! Welcome to NEAR, we are happy to see passionate professionals like you join our ecosystem. I am curious to learn more about your plans and how we could potentially collaborate. I have been reading some of the discussions that you’ve sparked and would love to invite you for a meeting. Please grab a convenient time on my Calendly (preferably one hour) and let’s just brainstorm together.

*Please also let me know via message if you can’t find a suitable time and I will adjust


Thanks so much @chronear! I’m looking forward to chat and have booked for Thursday. Thanks!

Thanks @grace! I appreciate this comment

Welcome @Mayur! Way to go! :clap: :clap: :clap:
It’s been a pleasure to meet you!
Let’s do great things together! :building_construction:

Likewise! Thanks Alina!

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Hello there! We are from The Clan Guild. Great propose. We have a deeply interest at creating connections between our Descentralized Creative Studio. Welcome Aboard!

Councils: @brunoqual @whoiscavenaghi take a look at this please.