About Guilds

This post will serve as an evolving resource for anyone to learn about guilds, which provide structure(s) to the idea of NEAR as an ecosystem of communities.

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What is a guild?

A guild is a community or group(s) of people with unique identity based on their purposes, visions, and missions. High-level goals connect dimensions of value and responsibility. Members of guilds work together in order to design and execute projects based on shared interests and potential collaborations.

Every guild must define a set of intentions / values. These objectives and key results (OKRs) inform development of specific projects across different communities. All kinds of people may become leaders in our ecosystem.

Adaptive accountability gives rise to flexible structures and processes that improve quality and impact of contributions with network effects :sparkles:

Guild Coordination

Guild contributions are not limited to actions within groups ~ there are many possibilities for collaboration between guilds. Let’s imagine how a number of guilds facilitate coordination around shared visions and missions to learn together and create opportunities for builders.

For example, if an “Education Guild” has multiple teams working on several projects, maybe allocation of rewards for a specific “project A” might be split between “team(s) A” and other teams, i.e. shared incentives. That means every guild member actually benefits from valuable contributions.

Learn about the Guilds category, here on the governance forum:

NEAR Guilds Platform

Our “multi-player” Guild Program evolved from a “single-player” Contributor Program, which evolved into a Developer Guild. Now, thanks to 4NTS Guild, there is a community-led platform where official NEAR Guilds can be listed:

Why Participate?

Being part of a guild rewards every contributor with a feeling of shared identity and purpose. Furthermore, participants join various guilds to discover opportunities for earning tokens by contributing to relevant projects. What is in your NEAR future?

Let us know any ideas or questions! We appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

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