[INTRO] TranslateDAO call for translators

Hi my name is Evelina @fitz, recently I have finished working on translating the NEAR Wallet from English to Italian. This was released last week and now the Italian speaking community can set up and use the NEAR wallet.

I was wondering what other languages someone could choose to read the wallet in, and when I checked there were:









But there weren’t two of the most spoken languages in the world: Spanish and French. 7% of the world population speak Spanish and 3.6% speak French.

If there are members of the NEAR community that would like to help translating the wallet into these languages please let me know.

I propose to start a translation DAO and i will find members to help with translation work under my supervision.

The DAO will also take on paid translation work for any projects building on NEAR so if you want your website, article or documents translated we can do it!

In future, TranslateDAO will provide dapp localization - translate your dapp and increase your user base.

Let me know if you need help to communicate with non english speaking users.


Nice Initiative @Fitz , Looking forward to see, How many language will be added in future, Thanks

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Awesome initiative. A DAO managing translating jobs seems very useful in our ecosystem.

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Looks like an interesting project

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Hello Evelina. Nice to Meet you. I’m a professional Translator as well. we did the Turkish version of the wallet (but with last updates there are some missing parts on json anyways it’s looking good for now)

I totally agree! we need them asap. wonder who’s gonna take that task and do it in most professional way possible for the community :smiling_face:

I remember some friends were trying to set up a translators hub, but idk what’s the status currently.


Thank you all for your nice comments!! I have just set up a twitter account and telegram group for NEAR translators.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Translate_DAO

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @translateDAO

Now looking forward to start work so if you have something you want translated get in touch and I will see if I can help​:hugs:

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Thanks for the amazing initiative @Fitz , We will surely seeing the growth from local communities of these regions :blush:

Can you edit the community group link or your tg/discord username in the main post so people who are interested in contributing can reach out.


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