Will do onboarding at XXOW Rezgate – Village Underground Lisboa tomorrow, 7.12.2021

@reginamintbase and @LuisInfante will be at the venue with 150 airdops 1 N per Airdrop.

Why? We will be selling art-NFTs at the venue which will function as a ticket for the next party.

Their store was set up today: rezgate.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store and will be beautiful by tomorrow.

It is a series of events in which we pretend to insert maximum possible of onbaording activities (considering the pandemic, lets see)

The funding came from createbase.near and we would like to use the daos funds for it.

open for questions

We transferred 10N to xxow.near for the creation of the store for the events to come, also from createbase.near, which would also be part of this.

For the next events we will make sure to post in the forum before granting funds, this was an exception due to artbasel in miami deadmau5 and pt the man drop!