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Mintbase Sunday - MintbaseDAO

Alexandre Macieira

  • Near account for payment: macieira.near

Project timeline: 01/02/2022 to 26/02/2022

Objective: The idea of the project is to invite participants of the Gambiarra store and also other artists of the Minbase-NEAR network to publish (mint) their art. An important strategy of the value at 0.77 NEAR is precisely to draw the attention of investors to the action, the value will be available for 24 hours (throughout Sunday) and after that time the work will no longer have copies and will cost 7 NEAR a single piece (if there are copies left). In other words, it is a special time to purchase a work of art from the Minbase-NEAR network.

Rationale (benefits): Show the strength of the Minbase-NEAR network through Gambiarra’s store and how it is possible to have specific actions that encourage artists to continue publishing their work and creating.

Project: For this edition we will board 7 people who are interested in participating in the 3rd edition of MintbaseSunday. The boarding will take place in the first fifteen days of February. The counterpart of this investment is to bring through a specific action (the event) more artists to the Mintbase-NEAR platform, besides being an organic way of promoting Mintbase. We will help those interested to create their NEAR wallets and to be associated with the Gambiarra store. Artists will need to mint at least 2 pieces of artwork. This will require 1.27 NEAR per artist, 0.5 for the minting and 0.77 for the purchase of an NFT.

It will also take USD 70 in NEAR for the shipment of the 7 artists paid to macieira.near to coordinate the process.

Link: [PROPOSAL] - GAMBIARRA DAO - Mintbase Sunday


February 1 to 8 - Distribute the first part of the welcome NEAR amount (0.5 NEAR) and begin onboarding the artists.

February 9 to February 15 - Verify that they have minted 1 piece of artwork in the Gambiarra store at the price of 1 NEAR.

February 26 - Verify that they have minted 1 artwork in the store at the price of 0.77 NEAR with 7 copies and distribute the rest of the welcome gift so they can buy on the day of the event an NFT at the price of 0.77 NEAR and start their collection in Mintbase.


The boarding of 7 people in Mintbase: 8,89 NEAR (1,27 NEAR for each person, divided into 0,5 NEAR at the beginning and 0,77 NEAR after completing the task of minting 2 objects, and the artist will only participate in the 3rd edition of MintbaseSunday after completing the tasks of the boarding project (minting 1 artwork and buying an NFT).

(all unused funds from this topic will be returned to Mintbase).

Pay the organizer: 70 USD in NEAR.

TOTAL: 70 USD in NEAR + 8.89 NEAR

Artistic name: Alexandre Macieira
Photographer, digital artist in NFT and curator
Curriculum: @alexandremacieira | Linktree


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ok so you will need 70 USD in NEAR + 8.89 NEAR to onboard 7 ppl. ok


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Okay, happy to approve this then.

you can submit payout proposal for the onboarding funds, or we do the same as I did with @Ghini


Good, @macieira. We count on you to onboard these new people on Mintbase Sunday project and in our Gallery. Gambiarra will grow! We are excited to see your future report. :smiley:


Thank you very much for approving! Let’s get to work! I will understand better how you did it with Ghini and answer you later ok?


Thank you very much, @thephilosopher , I appreciate your support and encouragement! A pleasure to learn more and more. Let’s make this Gambiarra grow!

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@marianeu let’s do as was done with @Ghini :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mintbase Sunday 3rd Edition Boarding Report

Project Status: Concluded:

Project Accounting: The goal was to take advantage of the 3rd edition of Mintbase Sunday to onboard people interested in participating in the Mintbase-NEAR network. Those interested minted their works in order to participate in the edition that took place on February 27, 2022. It was also one of the goals of this edition to give new network participants the opportunity to learn how to buy an NFT and how to put their work up for sale.

Updated timeline of the project:

The completion of the project occurred on February 28, the day after the action. I apologize for the late delivery of the report, the last few days were quite confusing with many extra demands.

Highlights and analysis:

Sending a list organized by @marianeu from Mintbase with the links to open portfolios made the onboarding process much easier. After creating his wallet, the new participant already had access to it with a value of 0.5 NEAR to make his first publications in Mintbase. After minting 2 objects the artist was listed in the 3rd edition of Mintbase Sunday and received a new link with a value of 0.77 to buy an NFT participant of that edition.

Of the 7 boardings requested we made 5 that entered the Gambiarra store:

An extra case was the opening of the wallet joaonexus.near that received the 0.5 NEAR to start the participation process, but a few days later decided he didn’t want to participate anymore. A few more days went by and he decided to return the amount to my wallet macieira.near. I am available to pass the value on to the Mintbase team when they inform me which wallet I should send the value to.


The onboarding process and organization proposed by @marianeu of Mintbase was excellent. I really appreciate the attention. I learned that more and more people invited to participate in Mintbase-NEAR should be informed before venturing into this new technology. With information and study, the new participants will be sure of the decision they are making.

I thank the whole team at Mintbase for their support and for being the platform that offers the opportunity for so many artists to sell their work, so that many of them can mint their first NFT. Finally I thank @Ghini for all the conversations and for being an inspiration on the boarding issue with her FEMINU project.


We already cancelled the campaign.

I would suggest you to submit payout proposal for the 5 onboarded ppl: 50USD

and keep the 0.5N as a gift :slight_smile:

what do you think @macieira

thank you my friend! You can count on me @macieira