[Approved] NEAR x Mintbase x Judas party on Feb 10th

Guild name: Mintbase

Funding scheme: One-time

Initiative summary:

Mintbase is partnering with Judas for an NFT-enabled launch party happening in Lisbon on February 10th. Judas is a new marketing & communications agency by three former executives of the biggest agency in Portugal. They’ve managed accounts such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, UEFA or Apple and won several awards, including New York Festivals Advertising Awards, EuroBest, Cannes Lions, and Cresta Awards.

The party is to be held at their headquarters and will count with 200 guests from both the Web3 and the IRL worlds, such as C-Level execs from McKinsey or Vodafone. The event should also gain significant media attention from channels such as CNN Portugal, SIC Noticias or Expresso. Mintbase and NEAR will be introduced as main technological partners.

Invites will be distributed as NFTs via NEAR wallets and there will be other moments to showcase the technology: special NFTs distributed during the event, onboarding sessions, etc. NEAR’s logo is to be displayed in all promotional materials, as well as in the actual event space. Judas’ headquarters is located in an old Bank of Portugal building, so it features a large old safe in the middle (see photos in the file attached) - the idea is to utilise this as a play with cryptocurrency and the whole Judas theme.

We expect this to bring significant public attention to both NEAR and Mintbase, and believe it to be a great opportunity to introduce some key stakeholders to blockchain and its potential. Moreover, we’re counting Judas’ expertise will help us produce high-quality marketing materials both in terms of exciting use cases and basic onboarding experience.

As for how we’ll be measuring success - we intend to track media coverage and subsequent social media movement, as well as monitor possible partnerships born out of the event. This is also just the first experiment in our collaboration with Judas, which is already introducing us to some of their clients for upcoming, bigger projects.

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones

The party is to be held on February 10th 2022. 200 people will be onboarded with NEAR wallets.

  • Save the date to be sent out by 24th of January
  • NFT invite sent by 1st of February
  • Press releases sent out the following week (expecting to have journalists present at the event)

Funding Details

Total requested amount: 744 NEAR ($16.75 at the time of writing) = $12400

Promotional materials + decoration (with NEAR & Mintbase branding) = $2200

Catering, drinks & promotional materials for 200pax = $6800

Music & Entertainment = $1100

Press & Event Management = $2200

NEAR Wallet ID - mintbase2.near

Wallet owner’s name - Mintbase

See more here - CRYPTO JUDAS LAUNCH PARTY V2.pdf (3.6 MB)

Let me know if you need any other info! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify a few things:
Date / Timing:
The event is set to take place in about 12 days from the submission of this proposal correct? Wouldn’t it make more sense to plan a little further in advance?

How do you plan on getting 200 people to show up?

Media Coverage:
How do you intend on getting media / press coverage?
You indicated the event will “gain significant media attention” and you will track media coverage. What is the newsworthy angle for a 200 attendee party?

NFT invites on Near:
Can you explain how you plan on getting the invites minted and sent out as part of the event?

Just looking to understand more about the event and the angle. Thanks!


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Hey Klint,

Thanks for the quick reply! To answer your qs:

The event is set to take place in about 12 days from the submission of this proposal correct? Wouldn’t it make more sense to plan a little further in advance?

The party is 21 days from now. Appreciate this is still quite tight, but the agency is launching its new crypto department then and it’s a great opportunity for us to tag along. Plus, they have the manpower and expertise to support the organisation of the event.

How do you plan on getting 200 people to show up?

Guestlist - including guests mentioned in the presentation - will be mainly personal contacts of the agency founders and journalists invited through a PR agency. We’ll also extend the invite to the Web3 community in Lisbon, as well as the NEAR ecosystem, of course.

How do you intend on getting media/press coverage?

There is a PR agency behind the event that will be using it as a large experiment in working with the major news outlets in Portugal. Between 10/20 journalists will be present at the event and others will receive the event press kit.

You indicated the event will “gain significant media attention” and you will track media coverage. What is the newsworthy angle for a 200 attendee party?

The first agency in Portugal to open a crypto department + real-life use cases for NFTs (novelty angle). It’s relevant for IRL brands in Portugal and crypto brands

Can you explain how you plan on getting the invites minted and sent out as part of the event?
We’re still working out the details but it will be something like:

  • Guests will be sent an email with a link to create a NEAR wallet.
  • Then, they’ll need to fill out a form to let us know their NEAR name.
  • All tickets to be minted on Mintbase under Crypto Judas store (gas fees will be covered by us)
  • We’ll compile all NEAR names and send the invites out
  • During the party, everyone will have already gone through the onboarding process so will be ready to interact with NEAR and NFTs through live auctions, NFT drops, etc.

Just to add as well, we have first-hand experience with this process of NFT ticketing from Mintbase x NEARCon party in Lisbon.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other qs

Good morning. My remark : you have 808 Near in your DAO to cover these expenses.

Marketing DAO is focused on support COMMUNITY-DRIVEN Marketing Campaigns . I couldn’t find discussions about the proposal on your TG group and proposals on Astro DAO, furthermore, as I understand, Mint base is a commercial project, gets commission 2.5% from artists. Guilds which get grants from Ecosystem Development DAO, spends thousands of dollars every month to buy out NFT’s on Mintbase.

I need to know NF people opinions to make my decision.

Have a great day!

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Hi Dacha,

Thank you for your response. Understood your comment re Marketing DAO & community-driven campaigns. I will reach out to NEARs marketing team via activation form.

Just to clarify, Mintbase can cover these expenses and move fwd with the project anyway, but we thought it would be a good opportunity for NEAR to get involved for exposure.

Hope you have a wonderful day too :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I reached out to the team and was told this was the right place to share the proposal. Would love to get NEAR involved in this - it would be great if we could get someone’s eyes on it soon as the event is approaching fast.

Let me know if there is any other info you need from our end,

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

Sounds great! However, doesn’t Mintbase have sufficient funding to cover this atm?


Hi David,

We don’t - we currently have 8k on our DAO, part of it already allocated to other upcoming projects such as workshops, onboarding and dev bounties. We could commit maybe 3k of this, what do you think?

The MarketingDAO has a soft cap of $10k per proposal, so in its current form, it would exceed that.

Pinging @marketingdao-council for review :white_check_mark:

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From my side, happy to approve guys :white_check_mark:

You can start the KYC process now if you like:

Thanks David! I will start the process.

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Thanks everyone for this discussion and the approval.

My name is Marta I am part of the Judas team and I would like to give you some updates on the party planning status so far:

  • Save the Date emails were sent out last week and the NEAR Wallet guide + NFT invites will be sent out this week

  • We already locked catering for 120 people

  • Mr. Bubbles, a live electronic music artist who has played in the Metaverse and is launching NFT´s through Mintbase will be playing for 2 hours. (followed by an airdrop of one of his songs to all the guests present at the party). Music gear is also already hired.

  • We are coordinating with a PR team and the beginning of the event will be more oriented to journalists - we are expecting around 10-12 journalists from main media publications in Portugal to be present at that point. Press releases also expected to be launched soon.

  • Decorations and NFT drops during the event are also pretty much planned.

Everything seems to be in place for a great event on the 10th.

We will keep you updated on developments, pre and after event.

Have a great day everyone,



Thanks. Approved from me too.


Moving to Approved. Looking forward to hearing how it goes :tada:

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Hi @reginamintbase nice to see NEAR projects working together with outside agencies.

Good luck with the event on the 10th February, maybe @Mencore and the Judas team will assist other projects in the NEAR community in the future :blush:



Just to give you an update before the party tomorrow:

Jornal Publico
Jornal de Notícias
Jornal Expresso
Diário de Notícias
Revista Caras
Revista Activa
Revista Lux
Revista GQ
Meios e Publicidade
Ad age
Imagens de Marca

Moreover we will host interviews as following at the space tomorrow:

Eco at 18h (with a vídeo);
Sapo at 18h15;
Dinheiro Vivo at 18h40

  • Over 70 new NEAR Wallets were already created. We will have a team at the door helping onboard the guests that had difficulties creating the wallet.

  • The following tags will be used in decorations, videos and other things regarding the event:

the future is NEAR

(and also for Mintbase):
Mintbase: Pioneering utility NFTs for the masses
Mintbase. Own everything

Decorations, catering, performers and all the details are ready for tomorrow.

I will gladly update you after the event with what we accomplished and pictures!

Have a great day


Hey guys,

To get funded for this you’ll need to submit a poll to Astro in the MarketingDAO section, as well as filling out the form and passing KYC from below (which you’ve already done it seems)

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Thanks David! Will do so before EOW

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Hello Everyone.

First of all I am sorry about the radio silent - Was away for ETH Denver and I guess we all know how intense that can be.

The event went great, here are some updates:

  • Over 150 people attended the party
  • 70+ new NEAR wallets were created
  • The event was widely covered by the Portuguese media.

I will leave you with a video from the event in the link below

Thanks again and we are looking forward for further collaborations!


Awesome :star_struck:, thanks for report.

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